5 thoughts on “Say, where is it safer to buy cats and dogs?”

  1. 物 It is best to go to the pet breeding base. It is the safest. The possibility of a dog is small or virus is almost zero. Think about the breeding base. If a dog has a plague, it is simply a disaster! The second is to go to the pet store. The blood certificate they said can basically ignore it, mainly to sign a health agreement, and the general pet shops are also available. ‍

  2. 许 If the banknotes are allowed, it is best to go to a regular dog or pet shop. If you want to be economical, go to the dog market, but do not buy a dog dealer. Major infectious diseases. As for minor illnesses, because it is related to the breeding after home. Bleak

  3. It is the safest to buy dogs in regular pet shops and pet markets, but try to adopt dogs as much as possible, adopt adoption instead of transactions, reduce stray animals, and no casualties without buying and selling. Bleak

  4. 宠 I bought it at the pet base at the time, and many famous dogs could be selected. The pets there were well taken care of, safe and healthy. Bleak

  5. 犬 When you buy a pet shop and a dog house, it is best to have the kind of dog health certificate, so as not to buy it if you buy it home. Bleak

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