5 thoughts on “Where to buy a dog is the most assured and the safest”

  1. Of course, choose a dog for home. Trading in the same city, you can go to the house to choose a dog, and at the same time, you can see the parents of Dog Bao (usually you can only see the dog mother). If the other party has the conditions, you can see the baby from birth to the recent photos to prevent liar. Don't choose those who specifically do breeding. Although there are many dogs raising dogs on the Internet, in fact, in the past, it is usually pretended to be a dog field or pet shop. Therefore, it is recommended to open your eyes to identify. But now the dogs that are raised are not necessarily cheaper than the dog field, because the dogs are hard to find at home, and their physical condition is healthier, so the price has also been up in recent years. Although the price of the dog field is cheap, it is mostly a weekly dog, which is equivalent to drifting the money. Even if some unscrupulous pet shops buy high -priced dogs, the dog's physical condition cannot be guaranteed, so it cannot be believed. If you often visit pet forums, you can find some old people with good wind reviews and let them recommend it, because they have been staying in the forum for a long time, and most of them are familiar with them.

  2. If you have the experience of raising dogs. It is recommended that you adopt it equivalent to saving you to your pet shop equivalent to sending one out and sending another one to hurt him. The process of seeing the dog breeding to the pet shop is quite depressed. I have watched TV. No experience, I don’t recommend that you have to learn from unstable dogs to buy dogs and dogs.

  3. It is best to be a dog field. At least once the vaccine is injected and the injection is completed three times. The puppy should be more than two and a half months.
    It can learn a lot of information, parents' generations, and so on. It also avoided those cat -greasy in the trading market, such as injecting silicone, stimulants, and so on.

  4. Family raising, those who have a bitch in the family, with the puppy after they are matched with the puppy.
    did not have much contact with the dog market, it is not easy to have infectious diseases, and the sales are not much, resulting in cheap prices.
    But you want to find such a person, just like a pet shop to find channels, and it is also from these people.
    The dog farm dogs, even if management is good, it is inevitable that there will be some minor illnesses and small disasters.
    The dog market is even more unreliable. Those who did not get the vaccine were put together. The ghost knew that it was only a healthy dog.

  5. If you really like puppies, you choose. Of course, those pet shop pet markets do n’t consider that pet stores are selling dogs and pet markets are not good dogs. There are very few family support who have so many dogs that can be sold every day in the market. If the family raises it, it is better to choose a better family. But dogs are still very good, Taogou online dogs are still good pet houses.

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