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  1. 1. First start from the room, let the puppy look at and sniff the dog rope, and then tie the dog rope on the appropriate collar.
    2. Let the puppy stay on your left, use your two hands to pine dog ropes, take the right hand and take food for prizes, and then order it to "sit down".
    3. Take the first step and take the first step. When the dog follows you with you, you can say "Follow". If the puppy rush forward, you can pull the dog rope to pull it back.
    4. If the puppy follows your feet, you have to reward it and praise it as a "good dog". After the dog can obey a series of orders, slowly stretch your distance.
    5. If your dog can follow you, then you can train it to turn right, use your left hand to guide it to the right, and say "follow it."
    6. When turning to the left, you can speed up your speed, but you need to hold the food in front of the dog's nose to slow down its speed and let the puppy get closer to your left foot. It said, "Take your time."
    [Do not use dog ropes to walk dogs]
    1. In a quiet place (the corridor is an ideal place), standing not far from the dog, let the dog see the food in your hand, and then shout the dog's name; when the dog starts to go to you, you cooperate with you Its action said, "Come! Come here."
    2. When the dog approaches you, you must praise it with excitement to "good dogs" and you can bend your knees and expand your arms to encourage puppies to move towards you.
    3. When the puppy comes to you, you have to kneel down or squat and keep it quite height as it, and then reward it with words and stroke your limbs.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question [Happy], I need a little time editing to give you the content of the reply ~ Thank you for your understanding. Thank younDear, you can make it. First of all, you must prepare a rope first, and then follow the steps below. It is very simple ~ 1. First of all, the two thin ropes are placed. Weave the ropes at both ends and knots around your fingers. 4. Tightening is a beautiful knot. 5. Then continue to weave knitting the rope with the weaving method above. After that, tighten the rope. We woven a thick rope. 6. Cut off the excess line head, and the handmade dog rope is made. The dog rope made from the above methods will be relatively simple. It is recommended that you can buy professional and durable dog walking ropes in pet shops or online, and the price is not expensive. One price is between 50-200 between 50-200? , Very durable ~~~ I hope I can help you ~nDo you see if you still have questions? I need to answer it for you?nI hope the above answers are helpful to you [Happy] ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it [Laughs] ~ Thank you here for younMore 2nBleak

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