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  1. Biegeling dogs (details introduction)
    since the 1990s, several Australian veterinarians led by Tom Veterinary have launched raw meat feeding campaigns in Sydney. Thousands of pets in various places have been greatly improved and improved.

    This dog breeding belongs to carnivorous animals like its ancestral wolf in animal classification. Thousands of years of family care and domestication have not changed their digestive system and nutritional needs, that is, they rely on them. Meat and fat to provide energy, not carbohydrates. Sicks come in from the mouth, imagine that the horse is meaty, and the lion can eat vegetables. Will they be happy and healthy? Intersection Let our pet dog cats eat canned food or artificial foods that are based on grain crops every day, isn't it tortured them? Intersection If dogs and cats speak, they will tell you what foods make them happy and healthy, what foods make them sick and painful.

    The veterinarian "Raw Bone Bone: Promoting Health" and "Miraculous Effects: Raw Bone Bone Raise Dogs" in his publishing doctor Natural food, pet dogs and cats' correct diet should be the same as wild carnivorous animals. The whole animal is the most ideal food. When there is no whole animal supply, raw meat bones are the most ideal alternative. This kind of feeding method is simple and cheap. Pets like it. Get unexpected results.

    The advantages of feeding pets for raw meat bone
    For dogs and cats: food and medicine, one stone gets two birds
    . It meets the food of the physiological needs of carnivores.
    Animal meat, bones, internal organs, and fur provided the most ideal nutrients required for pets with energy, growth and body repair. These raw foods without high temperature processing, without oil and salt, pigments, spices, and preservatives. It is the basic guarantee for carnivorous animals to grow and reproduce and resist diseases in a harsh environment. The famous Greek doctor in the 5th century AD said: If you can use food to cure patients, let the medicine stay in the medicine tank. This should also be like our pets.
    . Natural drugs for the prevention and treatment of carnivores
    . Clean teeth and gums. While the carnivores are torn and bite those rough and chewy prey corpses or large pieces of raw meat, their teeth and gums are also washed and massaged. Humans maintain oral hygiene depending on the toothbrush and dental floss to clean their teeth after eating, and the carnivores rely on the eating process to brush the teeth and line from different angles during the eating process. The better the effect of the gums. This is a wonderful way to maintain oral health by nature. Otherwise, gums and periodontitis will occur. What is worse is that oral inflammation causes diseases from other systems of the body. Studies have shown dogs and cats with periodontal diseases. Their liver, kidneys, and immune systems are affected, and their health conditions have become increasingly falling.
    . Training your body and strong muscles. It takes time and strength to bite the meat from the bones, which is very helpful for the muscles of the pettal, neck, and chest of pets. In fact, they enhance their ability to capture prey.
    3. Excited digestion, neuroma, and immune systems to enhance immune disease resistance. Pet carnivorous animals take a long time when eating prey corpses or large pieces of bone bones, and also stimulate the secretion of gastrointestinal and stimulate the brain secretion of chemicals. These chemicals help enhance the endocrine and immune system, enhance immune disease resistance capabilities Essence Make them survive healthy and pleasant. The dogs and cats fed with raw body look like dragons, that is, old dogs and cats seem very vibrant.
    4. Rong to nourish fur and reduce skin diseases. Rawbone bone provides nutrients required for carnivores (including fur growth), enhance the immune capacity of the body (including the skin), and helps the skin resist bacteria and parasitic infections.
    For humans: Out more
    . Simple feeding operation of raw meat and bone.
    . The feed of raw meat and bone feeds is cheap and beautiful.
    . The cost of feeding veterinaries for raw meat bone is reduced or disappeared.
    . Dogs feeding of raw meat and bone look happy and satisfied, and it is easy to get along and train with others.
    5. Environmental protection. The amount of feces of pets with dog food cat beams are so soft and smelly, and the parks of the parks and families are smelly. The amount of feeding of pets with raw body bone is less stinky, and the feces change like chalk after sunlight.
    The feed guidelines, adult dogs have 2-3%of their weight. According to 3 % calculations, a five -kg dog requires about one kilogram of raw bone bone per week. (3 % x5x7 = 1.05 kg).
    A adult dogs only need to feed raw meat and bones once a day. If the dog is overweight, you can fast one or two days a week.
    Generally speaking, the amount of bone bone needed by young dogs is more than adult dogs, and the specific amount of food varies from dogs. The principle is to provide them with sufficient bone bones and water, so that they can eat, drink water, rest and play at any time, or feed three raw bones three times a day. The last meal of raw meat bone bag was stored in the refrigerator and kept it. Continue to eat until it was eaten.
    In the natural mode, the most ideal food of the dog is the whole animal. Because there is a certain limitations in the city feeding in the city, the second best choice is raw meat and bones, because raw meat bones are easy to find, and people should be buried, and at the same time, it is very effective. Dr. Tom's experience is that as long as raw body bones account for more than 70%of the dog's food volume (more than 80%of cats) can ensure the health of dogs and cats, the remaining 30%of food can be internal organs, vegetables, and even homemade. If you are willing, raw meat bones can also account for 80%, 90%or even 100%of the dog's food.
    Dr. Tom has repeatedly warned people to feed the large succulent bones of the dogs. There are flesh and bones, bones without meat, and less bone meat can not achieve nutritional and medical effects. The larger the size of the bone, the longer the dog eats, the better the effect you get:
    . Full cleaning and massage tooth and gums are the only way to prevent dog oral diseases. Dog's oral hygiene is the key to ensuring their health.

    . Make food and digestive enzymes fully, and help the digestion and absorption of food.
    3. Make the muscles of the jaw, neck, and upper limbs exercise.
    4. Because bone and meat bags can avoid the mouth and intestinal tube of the bone stabbing pets, large pieces of raw meat bone make the dog cannot swallow at one time to prevent digestive tract and respiratory obstruction caused by improper eating. Do not cut raw meat bones into small pieces. It not only does not have the obstruction of the effect of cleaning dog's teeth, because the dogs are characterized by gobbling, small pieces of raw meat bones are easily swallowed.

  2. The benefits of dogs eating raw meat and bones
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