3 thoughts on “How to train a cute little wild dog?”

  1. First feeding, then start training, step by step, most of the little wild dogs are abandoned by others, as long as it is good for it, it will soon become pets and friends. However, its behavioral behavior needs to be completed with training.

    1, "No" and "good" training: When you see that the dog's behavior is not good, it should be stopped immediately. And send out a "no" password, let it know that this behavior is not possible, and will be scolded by the owner. On the contrary, if the dog has a good performance or behavior, you must immediately praise it to send a "good" password, and stroke its head or neck to let it understand the owner like this action;
    2 , "Wait" and "Come" training: "Wait a moment" this command is to temporarily stop the dog's action. When eating, place the food in front of the dog, and then give the "waiting" password for such repeated training. If you want to train the "coming" action, you can do it when walking; if you call it, you will compete immediately, if you call it, it will not come or run. By the way, let's call it later, try to keep the dog not exceeding 10 meters away from the dog when you let go of free activities.

  2. Hello friends, tame cute Ono dogs need to give it certain benefits.
    Agye dogs are unstable, and it takes enough patience to tame it.
    It can give certain benefits when you first contact, for example, give it some delicious food, let it eliminate the alertness of you, and you can train step by step after you are familiar with you.

  3. You can tame it with food, there is no problem. As long as he is full, let him understand that if you follow you, you can eat it well.

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