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  1. Those who raise two dogs in the family may easily face the situation of two dogs that are not fighting. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to understand what the real reason for fighting is first. Hope to use the level of status and disappear the problem, but the status of the dog will be affected by many environmental factors (including the social environment), so that you want to use this method to achieve balance, even the trainer is not so easy. Some people think that when your status is the highest, there will be no problems, because dogs will obey the owner, and there is no problem between the two dogs. This is also a problem. However, the [status] relationship between each other exists like each other. People who put forward this idea are usually trainers, but they are replaced by the pet owner. Most of them are not to compete for status, but to get the attention of the owner. Although there is a certain law at the level of status, it is difficult for you to expect who will be higher. For example, the status of the home first will be higher than later. A considerable influence, the old age cannot compete with the adult ... However, when the dog's body is smaller than later, who will the status be higher? At this time, you can't predict it!
    It is in the social stage of childhood. The experience of this period will affect his lifetime behavior model. For example, eating a bowl of food from a small nest puppy will easily cause food care problems in the future. This is not caused by the breed of dogs, but the result of the dog learning in the socialization stage. Every day, they must grab food with their companions, otherwise they may be hungry. Derivative care. So to avoid behavioral problems, it is best to start from a young age. The same is true for the fighting behavior of two dogs. Faced with the dogs that have grown up so far, they have no time to come back. In the face of such problems of each other, if two dogs will be fighting as long as they meet. You can see each other outside of each other. You need the environment in the designer, so that almost all of their lives are not seen each other. Only somewhere can be seen through glass.
    Is when you are alone with any dog, you should treat it as indifferent. If you need to touch him when you are rewarding him, you can only touch it very briefly and not touch it for a long time. When the two dogs see each other in the glass area, they also give the dogs in the two sides a snack. When the snack is eaten, bring any one of the dogs or two dogs away. It continues to do this. Until the two dogs meet each other across the glass, they will not bark each other. At the same time, they will start shaking their tails. When you hope to get snacks, you can switch the glass to the fence and continue the above method. When the fence does not quarrel and fight, the fence can be moved away, allowing them to contact and give a large number of snacks in both parties, but pay attention, do not cause the attack of food to snatch because of snacks.
    When they first started contact, they had to confirm the state of the dog, otherwise they would be easily abandoned by accident. So at the beginning, they only let them contact for a short period of time, and give a lot of encouragement when they are in contact. They can be snacks or attention, and then immediately bring the two dogs away, and then become indifferent, as if there are no dogs in the family. The purpose of this is to make both dogs feel, that is, when he is alone, you don't care about him, but when another dog appears, you will give him snacks and attention. Continuing the above practices will make the dog unknowingly see another dog. This approach is the same as the way to deal with dogs attacking children, but the object changes.
    Is when a dog can get along with each other, you must continue to maintain this state so that the dog's heart thinks:
    [The appearance of another dog will cause the owner I do n’t think that it ’s okay if it’ s okay, because the problem happened because the problem was caused by your method. The dog mistakenly thought that it was the appearance of another dog, which made the owner ignore him. For two dogs that have no fight and quarrel problems in the home, you can draw gourds according to the same way to avoid problems. At the same time, you can do this: Whenever a dog is picked up, sprinkle a snack to B dog, and then touch the A dog. When the B dog eats snacks, put the dog on the ground and operate it repeatedly until the B dog expects you to expect you Go to hold a dog. After completing, hold the B dog in turn, sprinkle a snack to A dog, and then touch the B dog. When the A dog eats snacks, put the B dog on the ground and operate it repeatedly until the A dog expects you to hug B Dogs .... So both dogs will expect you to hold another dog ... ..
    It solving behavior problems are not using the high or low status of the dog, but the use of their ideas and views on the incident. The status is often unclear. When the division is unclear, one of the dogs will usually leave, but in your home, the dog cannot choose to leave. If you want to use the principle of status to solve the problem, the final result is more serious, or hiding, or suppressing yourself until you can't help it, you still have to fight, or even cause the other party to death!
    The two dogs hit, and the most unspeakable thing is to persuade or pull the dog away, because you are likely to cause the dog's misunderstanding, but will create more severe attacks next time. If you have to separate the two dogs, just pull their tail and drag it back. After separation, please do not scold the dog, please leave the scene and ignore the dog's existence. This can avoid more serious attacks. Behavior.
    Is before you want to deal with such behaviors, both dogs need to learn to sit down and wait for everything, including eating, walking, touching, drinking water, games, etc. You can teach you the training method through a qualified trainer. The correct ideas and methods are the foundation of the problem.

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