What to do if pet dog fights

When slipping with us, a Husky always fights with the new dog and bite each other. What should I do? If the dog is not fighting?

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  1. Dogs are group animals. In the dog group, they can establish a hierarchical relationship between dominance and substituting through strength and deterrence, and obtain a dogs with a dominant position with privileges, such as preferring to eat, or to seize a comfortable rest ground. Obief dogs in a dominant position.
    Is when you have two or more dogs in your house, they will close your opportunity to see the level of the level. Each dog hopes to get more care and caressing, and in a dominant position, and in a dominant position The dog will strengthen his status by threatening or barking other dogs. If you punish (scolding or cracking) at this time, the dogs are in a dominant position, and other dogs will try to replace it through the battle.
    On the other hand, the dog group has the instinct of the dog in the dog group. Before the leader was determined, they always tried to determine each other's status by fighting.
    The understanding of the dog's instinct can eliminate the fight between the dog. First of all, determine which dog is in a dominant position. You can find that you always eat delicious things by observing which dog, or occupy a comfortable rest place first. Then, you have to give respect and support for dogs, such as allowing him to get closer to you, give him food and caress, and let him walk ahead when he goes out. If other dogs have challenging authority, you need to stop or even punish the leader. In the end, the dogs will establish a relationship of dominance and obedience, and they will not fight each other.
    If the dog group has not produced a leader, you can also cultivate a dog in a dominant position through a destination.
    , after the elder dog is old and his strength decreases, the young dog will still challenge his status. At that time, you can only follow it to cultivate another leader.

  2. The male dogs and the male dogs always play each other. When the TV series watch more, the dogs are slipped together. As the saying goes: Yishan is not tolerated, unless Yigong and a mother. They have a strong sense of territory, and it is best not to slip a dog together. I have never been trained, and I don’t have to fight.

  3. Khan, you take Husky to go out and hold him vigorously. The one upstairs is holding it hard,

    or waiting for it to get old. Over

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