1 thought on “How to cut the pet dog with a soft hair skewed dog cutting tutorial”

  1. 1. Before cutting the dog, you should rinse it, wash it, then blow dry with a hair, and then combine it. In this way, it is easier to cut it. Words.

    2. After the drying and drying are neatly combed, you can first cut the dog with a long hair on the dog first, and the one who is not knotted is not good. You can soothe the dog by two people and let it not move. One person starts to cut. The scissors are not very sharp. The more blunt heads, the better the scissors.

    . After cutting the long and unsatisfactory hair, you can use the push to start push. If it is not to push it short, then put it on the push on the card. The card cover is marked with length, and you can choose the right card cover.

    4. The hair behind the dog's ears can be pushed, so it is not easy to hide the dirt. The hair in this place is best to push it to push it. Not safe.

    5. Pet dogs, the hair on the leg is slightly shorter, it is almost the same.

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