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  1. What should a dog vomiting?
    This vomiting is caused by many reasons. Generally speaking, dog vomiting is a normal phenomenon, causing many causes of vomiting, mainly because they do not know the principle of chewing slowly.

    Dogs vomiting

    . Dog vomit is mainly indigestible foods
    For dogs, if vomiting, there is no vomiting blood, no vomiting blood, no vomiting, Fever, while vomiting is often the main food that is not digested. This situation is okay.
    The dogs vomiting are not digested foods, mainly because the dog eats slowly when eating, and swallow the whole piece. After doing severe exercise, sometimes it will spit out what you eat, which is a normal anti -cricket protection situation.
    If the owner does not clean up in time, the dog will eat it again. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence There is no way, this is caused by dog ​​nature. So, the owner needs to clean up in time, and then feed it to eat other meals. Add a few slices of lactase or yeast tablets in the rice.
    So, in fact, you can think of this vomiting as a dog is a more normal phenomenon. (Of course, there is a premise that there are no symptoms such as vomiting, fever, severe diarrhea, blood stool, and mental weakness. If there is only digestive food in vomit, you can see it as an instinct for the dog's self -protection. Don't be too nervous.)
    . Dog vomit is a very heavy yellow water
    The common common thing of dog vomit is two types of things: one is that there is no digestible food; the other is the taste. Heavy yellow water. In the previous paragraph, we have already said "unlimited food", and then the editor of "our favorite pet network" will talk to you about the situation of "dogs spit yellow water".
    This often happened in the case where the dog ate particularly fiercely a few days ago: Sometimes, the dog will have a particularly good appetite for several days. In those days, no matter how much you do, how much it eats and eat snacks. After those days, it would vomit yellow water secretly at night. These yellow water tastes heavy. This is the manifestation of gastritis. In the next few days, dogs will become loss of appetite.
    In at this time, the best way is to make it hungry for a day. Some pet dog owners are distressed without eating, and they must let the dog eat a little to rest assured. But in fact, this is inappropriate. Because dogs are a typical manifestation of being afraid of being hungry. One day for dogs is not a problem for dogs. And it is important to pay attention to it, many times the dog is sick because it is caused by eating too much.
    . Pay attention to the vomit is different
    . If the vomiting of the above two situations, the dog owner should not be too nervous, just adjust it for a few days. However, if vomit is different, it is necessary to increase attention, often caused by lesions. For example, the color of the dog's vomit is yellow -green, often the bile spit out; when the color of the gastric juice is brown, it is likely to represent bleeding in the stomach. The most common is gastric ulcer and duodenum intestine ulcer.
    It, if you find that the dogs who have just arrived in the new home have similar vomiting, but the sputum phenomenon that cannot be spit out, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible. This is likely to be a prerequisite for canine plague, and severe cases will affect the life of dogs.
    . The main points of attention of dog vomiting:
    1. A few days after the dog vomiting occurs, the dog owner should help the dog pay attention to the diet. Don't give it snacks during this period, you can only let it eat dog food. And follow the rules of eating less. In addition, you can also give some digestive pills.
    2, the dog is in the period of vomiting, do not feed it for snacks. Dog food should be added to the medicine that helps digestion, and the dog will soon recover healthy. Pay attention to its diet, just adjust for a few days.
    3. Generally, more than 2 times in a month can be considered frequently. If it is a continuous spit in many days, you must take the dog to the hospital to avoid delaying the dog's condition.

  2. It may be that the stomach is in addition to some problems, gastritis, etc., and my dogs have had this condition. The doctor said that it was told me to give it some probiotics. I bought it for the gastrointestinal treasure! A box, 12 packs inside! The effect is good, nourishing the stomach, and the treatment of gastritis.

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