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  1. 1. Pay attention to the symptoms of dogs before fertility
    When the dog's pregnancy cycle is about 60 days, the symptoms of production will become stronger. Generally, the dog's body temperature will be reduced from the day before production, and The closer to the time of production, the lower the body temperature drop. When these symptoms appear, we must prepare the preparation of the dogs and prepare the work at any time.
    Because of the pain of the dog's abdomen in the early stage of childbirth, there will be a burst of pain in the abdomen of the dog, so dogs will generally shout back and forth to help relieve the anxiety and abdominal pain in the body. In this stage, dogs The stomach will become larger, and most dogs will be produced in the early morning, even in the middle of the night.
    2. Prepare production of pre -production
    mainly is the site required during production. It is best to spread some cotton to ensure warmth. If the owner's lack of experience or the dog's constitution is weak, then in order to ensure the safety of dogs when producing, we must take the dog to a professional hospital to find a doctor. Of course, if the dog is special, we must take the dog to the hospital to do some appropriate prenatal examination before the dog's delivery, so that the doctor helps us determine the about production date, which is convenient for the day or the dog to go to the hospital on the day or recently. If the dog is temporarily sent to the hospital, then we will introduce some symptoms and situations of the dog during pregnancy.
    3. The process of production
    Basically, the dog can complete the production smoothly.
    The expansion information
    has no special cases, the fetus will be removed with the fetal membrane. At this time, the dog's mother will quickly lick the fetal membrane and fetal clothes, and bite the umbilical cord by themselves, and keep using her own tongue to keep constantly using her own tongue Licking the fetus's body gradually allows the fetus to breathe gradually. If the bitch is very tired during the production process, so that there is no strength and energy to do these things, the owner will help the dog to complete this series of actions. These actions are for these actions for these actions for these actions. The newborn dog baby is very important.
    This determines whether the dog baby can survive smoothly. We should pay attention to cutting the cotton nipples from one to two centimeters above the navel when we cut the umbilical cord, and use some disinfection water for disinfection treatment. If the dog does not complete the production within an hour, we must contact the doctor because there may be difficulty in giving birth in this case.
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  2. Dogs have to pay attention to:
    1. Dogs are multi -fetal animals, so the pain during childbirth requires that the dog has greater tolerance. As the pain comes, the real delivery process will begin. After all fetuses were produced smoothly, the female dogs began to become quiet and quiet. A few female dogs also have the phenomenon of eating babies, and they should pay more attention.
    2. When the female dogs are necessary, they will be given birth. Before delivery, prepare the doors, towels, gauze, scissors, mules and other tools to ensure production safety. out. If the fetal position is not right and causes difficulty, the fetus can be pushed back to the uterus to correct the fetal position, which is its smooth output.
    3, the female dog should avoid strangers when giving birth, let alone touch the dog, because the bitch is extremely sensitive at this time and is easy to impulse and attacked outsiders and onlookers.
    4. Postpartum female dogs are lazy to drink water and eat, pay attention to feeding nutritional foods.
    The expansion information
    production care:
    Generally speaking, the delivery is completed by the female dog instinct, and there is no need to help. Only when the female dog is difficult to give birth, it needs to be given birth. Most of the female dogs do not need to be helpful, they can naturally produce dogs naturally, and they can bite and eat the fetal membranes by themselves, bite the umbilical cord, and lick the mucus on the dog. However, some varieties of female dogs have poor fertility; after a few female dogs produce the third fetus, they cannot handle their dogs due to insufficient strength. The dog owners need to give appropriate production help or other care. This includes:

    1, tearing the fetal membrane. After the dog is produced, the fetal membrane is torn away immediately and wiped the dumplings on the dog's body and the mucus of the mouth and nose.
    2, broken umbilical. First squeeze the blood of the umbilical cord to the direction of the dog's abdomen, and then ligate the lines of the navel at the root of the navel, squeeze or cut the umbilical cord at 2cm away from the navel, disinfect it with 3%iodine, and stop bleeding properly.
    3, fake rescue. The newborn dog often causes suffocation and false death because the nasal cavity is blocked by mucus or the amniotic fluid enters the respiratory tract. At this time, artificial assistance must be performed. Immediately, the dog's hind legs are lifted up, and the amniotic fluid is discharged, and the mucus in the nose and on the body is wiped. You can also perform artificial breathing, that is, pressing the chest wall or letting the dogs sway the front and back of the legs. Finally, gently put the dogs near the female dog nipples and let the dog eat milk.
    4, number. During childbirth, numbers are numbered in the order of birth and marked with obvious marks.
    5, weighing and registration. After the baby is born, we must weigh within 12 hours and register.
    Reference information Source Baidu Encyclopedia-Pet Pet Dog

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenBefore answering, we have talked about the estrus of the female dogs, how to choose Ruyi Langjun and breeding her. After the breeding is completed, the dog's belly will become larger every day. When it is almost 60 days, the dog's belly will be quite big. It's about to have a dog baby soon. As a good owner of the person in charge, you need to start preparing to take over life, such as delivery rooms, basic delivery processes, and so on. These are all prepared in advance, otherwise the dog baby will be born, and you will temporarily hold the Buddha's feet, but it will be a bit too late. So what preparations do you need to do, let me take a look. By 55-60 days, the female dog should do all the preparations, because at this time, the female dog may be born at any time. Preparations include the following aspects: 1. Preparation of delivery rooms: large carton boxes, wooden boxes or other items can be used as the delivery room, which are covered with clean newspapers, towels, sheets, bedding, etc. Putting these quiet corners in the home; preparation for the delivery of the baby before giving birth to a baby 2. Keep warm preparation: the newly born dog baby has a poor body temperature adjustment ability, the surrounding environment temperature is very large, and the temperature is too low to cause dogs to cause dogs to cause dogs to cause dogs to cause dogs The baby dies. Generally, babies born in winter should have good warmth measures, such as heating lamps, heating slices, etc.; If it is born in summer, prepare some dry towels; The hair around the dog's vulva is shorter, so as not to soil the hair when giving birth to a baby, and the hair around the nipples should be cut short to facilitate the baby's baby to eat milk. In addition, it is best to use a warm towel every day. Wipe the vulva and breasts, so that the chance of the female dog infection and dog guarantee the health of the baby; 4. For delivery preparation: Generally speaking, the bitch will deal with Some preparations are good, especially for dogs who have a baby for the first time. We are ready for some disposable aseptic gloves, scissors, thin threads, iodine (or alcohol), and dry gauze. In case of the dog, we will not handle us to help her. Preparation for the mother dog before giving birth to a babynDear! Hello! The above is the answer we compiled for you. I hope my answer will be helpful to you! If you are satisfied, I hope you give us a praise! Here, we wish you a happy life and a happy family!

  4. The dog has been in estrus twice a year, and the bitch will come twice aunt, ranging from 10 to 20 days at a time. During this period, don't go out casually, take more rest, eat digestive food, it will soon pass. Generally, it will lick it by itself. If you go out, it is best to put on the physiological pants to prevent it from pinch PP on the ground and infect the germs

    Generally, in the spring from March to May and autumn from Spring, it is estrus once. When the female dogs estrus, the body and behavior will occur. The main manifestations are as follows.

    ① The pre -estrus. During the preparation stage for estrus, the time is about 7-10 days. The reproductive system begins to prepare ovulation. The eggs are close to maturity. The genital tract epithelium has begun to proliferate. Glandular activity has begun to strengthen, increased secretions, vulva congestion, swelling of vulva, redness and moisture, and bloody mucus. The male dogs often smell, but the female dogs are not allowed to mate.

    ② estrus period. It is the most obvious period of estrus signs and acceptance of mating, which lasts about 6-14 days. There are continued swelling, softening, lighter mucus color flowing, and reduced bleeding or stopping. The female dog actively or stops. The female dog takes the initiative to approach the male dog. When the male dog crawls, he takes the initiative to raise his waist. The hips are opposed to the male dog. The tail is biased to one side. 2-3 days after the estrus, the female dog started ovulation and is the best period of mating.

    ③ late estrus. The swelling of the vulva faded, gradually returning to normal, the temperament becomes quiet, not allowed to become quiet, and the male dogs are not allowed to approach. It is usually maintained for two months, and then entering the lack of affection. If you are pregnant, you will be pregnant after the estrus.

    ④ lack of affection. Reproductive organs enter an incomprehensible state. It is generally about 3 months, and then enter the next estrus. rnrn公犬发情无规则性,在母犬集中发情的繁殖季节,睾丸进入功能活跃状态,当接近发情母犬时,嗅到母犬发情时的特殊气味,便可引起Excited to complete mating.

    . Therefore, in dog estrus (similar to human menstruation), it will bleed.

    The first estrus time of the dog is about 7 to 12 months. Large dogs are once or two times a year, and small dogs are more than twice a year in spring and autumn. During the estrus, the vulva department will bleed. There will be bleeding on the 1st to 15th day after the estrus, and the 9th to 13th day after bleeding is the ovulation period. At this time, it is the best period of mating.

    is generally once half a year, which is about 15 days, which is normal.

    The landlord compares the situation and pay attention to observing the puppy. If there are any situations and questions, I can consult some veterinarian friends.

  5. Basically, you don’t need to help you help you prepare a big dog nest. If you are cold at home, you can put a light of about 15 watts in the nest. Pay attention not to be hot. Do n’t hot. The situation of rejection of puppies is normal. You have to help her get used to breastfeeding and accompany her to give her childbirth. Don't stand in front of you and she will be nervous when you can leave. She won't bite the umbilical cord herself, you can help cut off, pay attention to the placenta position near the puppy, she will slowly shrink the uterine contraction and drag the umbilical cord that drags outside to tighten. You will observe first. Generally, the first one comes out. Cut a look at the placenta clothing puppy. Do n’t you be afraid of your yourself, do n’t be afraid of your own, do n’t take a bath for the big dog. As long as it is not difficult to produce, the problem is not big

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