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  1. Article 127 of the General Principles of the Civil Law stipulates that if the animals that cause the animal are damaged by others, the animal breeder or manager shall bear civil liability, which will naturally include dog bites. There is only one case that can be investigated for the criminal responsibility, that is, if the perpetrators make the dog bite, causing serious consequences, the perpetrator may be suspected of crime.
    This is popular, and dog bite is a civil dispute, but it is a crime to put a dog and bite. It can be seen that whether or not criminal liability should be investigated, or whether criminal responsibilities can be pursued, there is indeed legal obstacles or disputes.
    The relevant laws:

    The "Animal Epidemic Prevention Law" is officially implemented. Article 30 of the law clearly stipulates that the unit and individual breeding dogs shall be regularly immunized in accordance with the regulations. The immune certificate issued by the diagnostic institution shall apply for registration from the registered dog registration authority where the breeding dog is located. Those who carry that they are carrying dogs should be worn at home, and we should wear dogs and take measures such as dog rope in accordance with regulations to prevent dog injury and epidemic transmission.
    If violated the regulations, if the breeding dogs fail to regularly vaccinate rabies in accordance with the prescribed regulations, the agricultural and rural authorities of the local people's government at or above the county level will order corrections within a time limit. For fines of less than 5,000 yuan, it will be handled by the agricultural and rural authorities of the local people's government at or above the county level, and the animal diagnosis and treatment institutions and the place for harmless treatment are processed. The required costs shall be borne by illegal actors.
    The above content Reference: People's Daily-Qianjiang Evening News: Whether the evil dog bites people, can the owner be held accountable

  2. One day in the evening, Mr. Zhang, who worked for a day, felt a little tired, and asked two friends to eat grilled lamb skewers together, and asked two beer. A few bottles of beer had a belly. Mr. Zhang's mood was a lot easier. Suddenly, Mr. Zhang, who drank a few bottles of beer, was urgent, and found a certain solution for the most Mr. Zhang.
    I did not expect that Mr. Zhang's place to solve urgency is the door of a family. What's more, the owner of this family happened to go out when Mr. Zhang solved the problem. The owner found that someone would pee at his door, and his mood became bad instantly, and then quarreled with Mr. Zhang, and then moved his hand.
    During the fighting process, the pet dog of the master's family looked at his owner and was bullied, and his mood became bad, and he immediately ran out of Mr. Zhang.
    The statement of this case: In this case, the pet dog of the owner's family bite Zhang, and the owner of the pet dog must take responsibility. However, the cause of this incident was caused by Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang urinated in front of others after drinking, and his behavior was indeed poor. Mr. Zhang also had to take a certain responsibility in this case.
    reminds everyone that in terms of pet dogs, the owner of the pet dog has many responsibilities and obligations. Pet dog owners not only need to pay attention to protecting their personal safety, but also need to pay attention to avoid personal safety of their pets to hurt others.
    This in our country's infringement liability law have clear regulations that the animals raised cause harm to others, and the breeder or manager has the obligation and necessary responsibility. Unless there is evidence to prove that the damage caused by pets to others is caused by intentional or negligence, the owner or manager of the pet may not bear or reduce the responsibility.
    The also need to note that if it is a large dangerous pet dog for breeding, the owner is needed to post a notice in the area where the pet is raised to remind others not to enter or contact at will.

  3. If the dog's owner does not fulfill the responsibility of the dog care, the dog bites to kill others, and the owner of the dog must bear the criminal responsibility of being seriously injured or overwhelming.
    [Crime crime of being lost] Those who have lost their deaths will be imprisoned for three years and seven years; if the circumstances are relatively light, they will be sentenced to three years in prison for three years. If there are other regulations in this law, in accordance with regulations.
    [overwhelmed by the loss of serious injuries] Those who have lost their injuries to others are seriously injured, and they will be imprisoned or detained for less than three years. If there are other regulations in this law, in accordance with regulations.

  4. You didn't make it clear about this,

    1, if the dog's owner deliberately put it out to bite people, the owner of the dog is a murderer and handled it according to intentional homicide. Criminal responsibility and civil responsibilities must be assumed.

    2, the dog is released, that is, no owner can take care of. As long as the person who is killed by the dog is not to tease the dog, the owner of the dog does not bear criminal liability, and it must bear all the liability for civil compensation. The person who was bitten by a dog was to tease the dog. At this time, the court determined the responsibility based on the fault of both parties.

    3, the dog is fixed in one place by the rope. People who are bitten by the dog have the behavior of teasing the dog. At this time, you can only consider yourself unlucky (like this).

  5. Under normal circumstances, the case of animal injuries occurs, and the breeder or manager shall bear civil liability. In two cases, the responsibility of animal breeders or managers can be exempted: First, the occurrence of damage is caused by the victim's fault, such as the victim's intention to tease animals, or veterinarian and other special occupants. Diagnosis and treatment of animals are injured; the second is the incidence of damage caused by a third person's fault. In this case, a third party shall bear civil liability for the result of the injury.
    G whether the owner of the dog bite the dog should bear criminal responsibility, unless the dog's owner is a premeditated murder, and the dog is the culprit for his murder plan.

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