1 thought on “What should I pay attention to when buying dogs in a pet shop”

  1. First, when choosing a pet dog shop, you must depend on whether it has a regular business license. If it is a pet clinic, see if you have the corresponding veterinarian license and other procedures.

    . When buying pet dogs, the store should be required to show the pet immune injection certificate, and indicate the pet varieties, age, gender, hair color, pet hospital phone, veterinarian signing cover in the corresponding section chapter. If you find that the pets purchased are not consistent with the proof of the store, it is best not to buy it here.

    . Observe the sanitation of the pet dog shop. See if the other pets sold are lively, observe whether their excrement is dealt with in time, whether there is a diluted situation, and whether the feed is fresh in the cage. Another thing to pay attention to is that the pets in the cage should not be too crowded, preferably a pet.

    . Talk to the seller in the store to see if the seller's knowledge related to the breeding of pet dogs is complete, and observe whether the seller has exaggerated words through words.

    5. The purchase of pets requires the seller to issue related receipts to prove that the pet was bought by him. It is required to coordinate the pet hospital for a healthy examination to eliminate the possibility of infectious diseases.

    6. Don't buy pets on the roadside hawkers, mostly refers to some flower and bird markets. In which fish and dragons are mixed, unmotned puppies are easy to infect diseases and are not guaranteed to be healthy. And dog vendors are profit -making, there is no fixed operating place, and there are no places to find any problems.

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