Buy dogs ~ I need to ask the seller's questions! Detailed

Buy dogs ~ I need to ask the seller's questions! Detailed tea cup dogs should ask the seller to confirm the buying?

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  1. When you go to buy a pet shop, people must ask you what price you buy. Do n’t tell him the price in your mind. If your price is in 2000, he will sell your dog as 2000 You said that if you want to see what the price he gives, it is best to give a pet shop to the home home. The safer pet shop is basically linked to his seller and then the dog produced by the buyer is responsible for selling pet shops by the pet shop. If you collect some money, let's not say that if you want to hug from the family, you will ask him where it comes from the dog. If you caught it, you don’t want to change the pet shop. Just ask what the injection is. He said that the dog has already taken a needle. You only need to take two stitches. That's right. If you say that the dog is hugging, you want to get three stitches. In terms of price, it is best to consider choosing a clean pet shop in the dirty dogs. A little safe and healthy home should have such pet shops near the home. Bathing in the future is convenient. If you buy it from a pet shop, you can buy something every time you buy something.

  2. Hello, first of all, you have to see if the dog is healthy and then ask the seller if there is no vaccine, but if you do n’t fight, you want to fight yourself. The other most important thing depends on the dog's parents. Just to listen to the price of the dog, the dog meets the standard, so if you can buy it or not, you should not buy important.

  3. First of all, is there any immunity! Safety first. There are varieties and dogs' dog certificates. See if the dog is healthy, is there any disease? The health of the dog's parents and the purity of the variety.

  4. You need to know when buying a dog
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