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  1. The dog is very clever. After you lose it, you will find the way home or go to the place where you usually love. These places must be seen frequently to see if the dog is back. Some owners made a large circle outside, and finally remembered to find a place where dogs often played, and finally shocked.
    The calm analysis of the dog's lost. Within the scope of the dog, seeking the help of parents, relatives and friends to find, find dogs to find clues, see monitoring, leave information in nearby merchants and other methods.
    Extended information:
    Dogs Dog feeding Note:
    1. It is a dangerous thing that users go out to walk dogs without dog ropes. Not only can it hurt the child, but it may not be protected in time when the dog may face the fierce big dog. It may be easy to lose dogs.
    2, the dog just reaches the new environment, it will not adapt. At this time, the dog's resistance is very weak. Therefore, taking a bath can easily cause a dog to catch a cold, and cause dog plague and other diseases to be fatal to dogs. Therefore, when the dog is brought home, you must remember not to rush to take a bath.
    3, some diseases after the dog enters the age will threaten the life of the dog. Dogs have long -term intake of excessive salt, which increases the burden on kidney excretion, affects the health of the kidneys. At the same time, various minerals and vitamins are unbalanced, which directly affects the health and resistance of the skin, causing various skin diseases.
    4, dogs, like humans, may have different conditions in different seasons. At this time, the owner needs to master these knowledge and condition the dog.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog

  2. 1. Back to the lost location: Do not worry after you find your own dogs, let alone move the position. At this time, what the owner wants to do is to stay in place as much as possible to call his dog. If the dog will not come back for a long time, this is the real loss.
    2. Go to the dog's love to find: The dog is very smart. After you lose it, you will find the way home, or go to the place where you usually love. These places must be seen frequently to see if the dog is back.
    3, open the dog's revelation: When the dog is lost, first of all, we must work hard to find. Finding dogs. You can also send leaflets near the dog. Be careful to describe the characteristics of the dog clearly. If you have the conditions, you should choose a color leaflet.
    Extension information:
    1, dogs need to slip out 1-2 times a day, each time it is half an hour to one hour. It is best to choose a wide place such as grassland. Trace elements such as selenium -containing on the grass will help dogs grow and develop healthy. You can also cultivate dogs' habits of urination on the grass. Dog's feces are good fertilizers, which can reduce the workload of cleaning the dog room.
    2, each dog has a personality. Some are very good. Some are naughty, and users can seduce them with delicious food. Don't drive and scold, these will only make things worse and not solve any problems. In addition, pay attention to cultivate more feelings, and natural dogs will also obedient, and they will be more close to users.
    3, the life of the dog is about 8-15 years. The puppy is a puppy before the age of 1, and you need to take care of it. For example, try not to bring to a strange environment, regular vaccines, especially some valuable varieties, especially some valuable varieties. Such as Teddy, etc., cannot be frightened or falling at high altitude. Dogs such as Teddy are relatively fragile.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog

  3. Personal suggestions

    Is, the 72 hours when the dog is lost is the largest chance, because the dog will not betray the owner and will not want to leave the owner. Dogs are caused by external factors. For example, the dog suddenly smelled a greater smell, and wanted to run over to find out, and then run further and further. Do n’t worry about this kind of situation, do n’t waste time, find someone to help waiting in place, and then look for it nearby. If you lose the place not far from home, you should stay at home, because the dog's sense of smell is very sensitive, the dog's sense of smell is very sensitive, it is very sensitive. It finds that you can't find you anymore, it will look for you according to the smell.
    It, timely release of friends circle, local group chat, local pet groups, nearby community group chats, etc., of course, you need to label a certain amount of rewards.
    It, when the dog is lost for a day or if it is not found overnight, you must prepare a dog in time to find the dog. The photos with dogs (preferably are clear and easy to identify), and it shows that the dog's gender is gender. , Description of body characteristics, names, etc. It is best to write dogs with diseases (to prevent dogs and meat vendors), and need to feed regularly. In the end, you must write a remuneration. It is best to have a specific amount. Generally, it is recommended to be like 1,000-4000. If it is too low, it cannot attract the interest of help. Then stickers allowed to be allowed nearby to distribute security and cleaning staff in nearby communities.
    It, after the dogs are looking for the dog, do n’t have any news, do n’t dry, etc., find a few clothes you wear, the stronger the taste, the better, and then cut it into a small piece and then knot it into knot. In the area where the dog is lost, pay attention to the way home if not far away from home. Dogs will never forget the taste of the owner, and the smell of these cloth can attract the dog. Remember to patrol it frequently after letting go.
    Fifth, if you have n’t found it for two days, you need to expand the scope of finding. Go to the pet shop, vegetable market, and garbage drop point in the urban area (preferably 4/5 in the morning), Find in dog stores and other places.
    Is six, almost overwhelmed by the above or above, or there is no result, or it is artificially controlled (being adopted or arrested and sold). If you are lucky Go to these places to find it.
    Is find a dog as soon as possible.

  4. It is not uncommon for losing dogs in life. Of course, some pet dogs may be able to come back in a few days after they are lost, but there are also many dogs who can't come back after they are lost. There may be a misunderstanding in the minds of many parents, that is, the dog knows the way home, and you can come back after being lost. The facts are not the case. The dogs are lost, and they should find it as soon as possible, instead of waiting, looking forward to it who can come back by itself.
    How is the dog, no matter how smart the hearing and smell are, it is just a kind of animal. Even people with high IQ sometimes go the wrong way, and children will not find the way home and go. Essence If your dog is lost, then you must find a way to find it as soon as possible, instead of waiting for the dog to come back.
    First of all, you can go to the places where dogs often go to find. Because the dog's hearing and sense of smell are keen, you can also bring some dogs that dogs usually love to eat, or their food pots. When looking for, they can knock the food pot and make a sound. Perhaps when the dog hears these familiar sounds, when you smell these familiar smells, you will also find your side.
    At the same time, you can also post inspiration, describe the characteristics of the dog clearly, and leave your own contact information to mobilize the power of the masses to help yourself find a dog. I believe that after unremitting efforts, there is still a great chance that the dog can find the dog.

  5. You are too good, and you are worried about being raped. The bitch is not estrus. The male dog cannot complete the mating at all. Don't worry about this. Give you some of the most effective suggestions:
    1. If you usually fix the time and feed the dog, then come out at this time, because the dog is hungry at this time and will find food everywhere. Take your dog feeding utensils to make a sound (my dog ​​just hear the sound of the dog basin, no matter what you do)
    2, open the dog's revelation, there must be Yongfu under the reward
    3, if you The dog’s dog is a pure -breed dog, so you might as well look at the pet market, maybe you still find it

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