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  1. Dog poisoning should be sent to the hospital in time, and we need to take some measures on the way to the hospital. Because some toxicity is particularly strong, such as mouse medicine, without measures, the dog may be dead before the hospital.
    It the time of the dog poisoning, only the poisoning can be vomited first. Many rural people have that soil stove, and the ash mixing water inside can forcibly drink water for the dog. OK. If you can't spit out, let the dog drink some water and dilute it will be better.
    The poisoning time is relatively long, and it may be in the intestine, so you have to find some laxatives to take it for the dog, but do not measure too much to avoid secondary damage.
    The had a dog in my family before, and twice poisoned. Once in summer, there was the status quo of vomiting. I thought I took the mouse medicine by mistake and sent it to the pet hospital. Consumption of mouse medicine, although it is a relatively light symptom, it is not cured. Later, I found that my grandmother saw a lice on the dog, so I sprayed it on the dog with an extinguishing spirit. That's why dogs have poisoning symptoms. So dog poisoning, you still need to figure out what is about to poison. After knowing it roughly, the doctor was right to apply the right medicine.
    The time I cut the dog for the dog, and I took a bath again.
    . There is another time to blame me. My dog ​​eats everything and does not care about it. When there is an onion piece in my hand, I tease it. It will give it to it. Poisoning. Therefore, do not let your dog eat randomly, develop good habits, and some things are deteriorated. Dogs can also cause poisoning.
    The dogs are poisoned, and you should send it to the hospital in time, don't believe too much about earthquakes.

  2. I remember when I was young, my aunt's family had a Beijing -Pak dog. They had been raised for many years, because the aunt's family lived near the dam. Every morning, they would take the puppy to the dam to the dam to the dam. When I walked, one time, when the uncle took the puppy to bend on the dam, the puppy accidentally ate a ham sausage of the mouse medicine, so the puppy suddenly spit out his mouth and twitched his limbs.
    I uncle was very smart at the time, and then walked to the dam with the puppy, then buried the puppy's head in water, and kept rinse the puppy's mouth, and then and with At the same time, the people next to them helped her husband go to the pharmacy to buy some ten drops of water.
    . After a simple process, the uncle took the puppy to the pet hospital at the fastest speed. The doctor told his uncle that the uncle threw the puppy into the water at the time, so that the medicine was not fast. It was permeated in the body, and then ten drops of water allowed the puppy to discharge the dirty things in the stomach, so the puppy's life was picked up.
    It, there are many pet dogs around us, but there are also many people who hurt puppies. They will throw some of the miscellaneous mouse medicine on the side of the road and talk about puppies to eat them by mistake.
    It this time, for the people around you, because you may not know where the pet hospital is at that time, so the first time the treatment is very important. At this time The dog spit it out as soon as possible, so that you can take some toxins of some rat medicine, and keep the puppy's life as much as possible. In fact, for us or puppy Striving against time.

  3. Of course I was sent directly to the hospital! If the dog eats toxic things by mistake, the owner should vomit the pet as soon as possible. Even if it is spit out, it cannot indicate that the dog is safe. It is still necessary to send it to the hospital for examination.
    The owner can stimulate its throat from the corner of the dog's mouth with his fingers or hard objects, so that it has a reaction to vomiting, but this action may be a bit difficult. Some owners may not know how to operate the dog. Determine depends on your own situation. You can also drink charcoal water for dogs. This is a simple vomiting, and then adds glucose to it. Even if the dog does not drink it, let it drink it. If you do n’t vomit, the dog has a vomiting reaction, then you do n’t need to vomit, let it drink glucose, and you need to pour it without drinking.
    This are just what the owner can do. The most important thing is to be sent to the hospital for examination. It is sent to the hospital early. If the dog does not eat poisoning for more than two hours, you can directly lavage. If it exceeds six hours, the doctor will try to use laxatives for pets to discharge poison.

  4. Before sending to the pet hospital, you should first deal with emergency treatment. Many toxic things are heavy metals, and heavy metals mainly produce toxicity by degenerating protein.
    If it is heavy metal poisoning, we should first fill the dog's egg white or milk to reduce the damage to the dog to the dog.
    If you do n’t know what the dog is poisonous, of course, it should be sent to the hospital like a person. At this time, the hard work you do will just harm the dog.
    we can't always regret when the accident is happening. Dogs are like children, like to flip things around, and then see if we can eat. As a host, we certainly have the obligation to protect them. What is poisonous at home should be placed in a place where the dogs can't get enough, so as not to poison the dog after eating it.
    The dogs should eat poison by mistake. The owner should keep calm. Do not rescue the dog in time because of panic, and let the dog lose their lives.

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