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  1. Answer the bus that cannot be brought with pets, but you can consider consignment.nIn the case of pet immunization certificates and categories of category, you can handle your pet pet business. If you want to take a pet home, you can find a special pet consignment company, but you must find a regular pet consignment company. This is for your own hairy children's life.nIf you go out to travel, or go back to your hometown, you want to bring your own pets, and do not know what transportation to take. First of all, the best choice is to drive by yourself. No matter the size of the pet, you can put it in your own car. Yes, watch it at any time, don't worry about the lack of hypoxia. In this case, pets are also happy, and the owner is assured.nIf there are no cars and near, they will generally choose passenger cars or trains, but these two means of transportation are not allowed to carry pets in the car. There is also an airplane. First of all, you need to understand whether your pets are prohibited from flying by airlines. If not, you can explain to the airline when booking tickets. You can ask if there is an aerobic compartment. If you want to take a plane, it is best to go to the airport for relevant procedures a few hours in advance. Take the same flight as the host to the destination.nAfter arriving at the destination, you can extract at the luggage turn, but the shipping fee will be relatively high, and the weight of the pet home cage cannot exceed 50 kg. Or transport pets to the destination. This unit price is relatively cheap, but it will appear when the owner and pets arrive at different times. Both situations are placed in the aerobic cabin, and the owner can rest assured that there is no need to worry about hypoxia. However, airlines will not buy insurance for pets. Although there are special insurance, it will be more troublesome to go through the procedures by themselves.nThe question is a kitten. Essence Essence Can't you put it directly in his own airpack?nThe answer cannot be taken directly in the carnQuestions and certificates are all availablenYou need to communicate with the driver to communicatenIt's not a certificate, but a bus generally cannot carry petsnYou ask the driver, can you put it under the car in the car?nGenerally agreednAsk questionsnThank you ~n12 morenBleak

  2. Passengers can take a pet to the outside world, but they must go through the procedures for self -registering. Pets cannot sit on the seat with the owner. On the contrary, the owner has to stay in the luggage compartment with pets.

    A before departure, the pet owner should hold the immune certificate issued after injection of the vaccine at the legal epidemic prevention point, bring pets to the statutory animal quarantine agency. The city animal husbandry and veterinary station can conduct a health check. After passing the inspection, the quarantine certificate can be obtained. Disinfection treatment is required for cage and obtained disinfection proof.

    In obtaining a proof of epidemic prevention, the pet owner can go to the train station to check in the self -registered procedures. It should be noted that this proof is only 7 days. Moreover, when the pet arrives at the destination station, This proof should still be within the validity period. Two hours before the train started, take the pet to the row of the railway station to consign the scale. Consignment pets with luggage, the cost of pets depends on its weight and trains. For example, from Nanjing to Chengdu is 4.7 yuan per kilogram. In addition, pet owners must stay with pets in the humble luggage compartment, and bring food by themselves to feed their pets. For those who can only take a long -distance car home, what are the specific regulations of the long -distance bus station for carried pets on the car?

    The reporter learned from the Nanjing Central Gate Coach Terminal that there is no clear regulation on the station on whether to bring pets on the car, but because the carriage is not spacious, it is generally not advocated that passengers are not advocated by passengers. Carry pets on the car. However, if the other party must bring pets on the car, the station will ask the pet owner to prepare cages or carton themselves and place them in places without affecting other passengers. In addition, during the way, pet owners must ensure that the various behaviors of pets will not affect other passengers.

    But this situation is only applicable to small dogs such as Jingba, and for medium -sized dogs and large dogs, the stations are resolutely not allowed to get in the car.

    In words, don't torture your dogs, bring some motion sickness medicine

  3. No, take the provisions of Hubei Highway Passenger Transport (Group) Co., Ltd. as an example:
    to ensure the safety and public health of passengers' lives and property, the following items cannot be carried:
    . Flammable and explosive dangerous goods;
    . It is possible to damage the safety items that pollute vehicles and other passengers;
    . Animals;
    . Items with irritating odors;
    5. Corpse and bones;
    6. Standardized by law and government.

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