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  1. There is a market for selling birds in Shengli Second Road in Tianmen, and there is no pet market for selling puppies and kittens.
    Theets of pet shops sell puppies and kittens. It is 50 meters northwest of Shengli 2nd Road and Zhabei Road. , Building 11, Phase 1 of East Lake, Guanggou Road, there are pet shops in these places.
    The location Introduction
    The Tianmen City is a county -level city -level city -level city -level city (also known as Hubei Province). The central and southern parts of Hubei Province, northern Jianghan Plain, borders Hanchuan and Yingcheng in the east, adjacent to Jingshan and Zhongxiang in the north, and the Hanjiang River in the south and west to look at Xian Tao, Qianjiang and Jingmen.
    The northern edge of the city is connected to the low hills of the Yahong Mountains, surrounded by Hanshui west and south. The whole terrain tilted from northwest to southeast, forming three types of land in low hills, post -shaped plains, and rivers and lake plains.

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