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  1. Is it possible for the bus to bring the regulations of each city in each city. Taking Chongqing as an example, Chongqing bus is prohibited from carrying pets to get on the car.
    The "Chongqing Bus Passenger Transport Regulations" stipulates:
    It 38 passengers shall take a civilized bus and comply with the following ride regulations:
    Then points shall not carry pets.
    Is who violate the prescribed behavior of the preceding paragraph, passenger drivers and other practitioners shall be discouraged; if the dissuades are invalid, they shall refuse to provide services for them.
    Bueling for a bus

    1, no dangerous goods take a bus
    For the safety of individuals and others, you must not make the flammable and explosive chemical chemistry such as gasoline, alcohol, and firecrackers. The product is in the car. Flammable and explosive items are easy to cause burning and explosion during squeezing, collision, or vehicle vibration, which seriously endangers everyone's life safety.
    2, car driving license to avoid eating
    The cars do not eat, especially foods such as sugar, beans, peanuts and other categories. Eating is also vulnerable to bacterial pollution.
    3, do not throw debris outside the window
    do not throw debris outside the window to avoid hurting others. Do not extend any part of the body out of the window during the driving process of the vehicle to avoid being opposite to the opposite side. Scratches such as cars or roads on the roadside, let alone jump the car halfway.
    The above content refers to the Party Committee of the People's Congress of the Jiangxian County-Chongqing Bus Passenger Transport Regulations

  2. Passenger buss cannot bring pets. There are many passengers on the bus. Pets may make a cry, and even excretion, which will affect other passengers, and may threaten the health of other passengers. If you want to take away pets, you can handle your consignment, and you need to prepare a pet quarantine certificate!

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswers can not bring pets in a bus. Pets may make a call and excretion in the car, which can easily affect other passengers, and even threaten the health of other passengers, so it is generally not allowed to bring pets. If you travel with pets, you can prepare a pet quarantine certificate and apply for pet consignment. Reasonable consignment is relatively small to pets.nPet consignment refers to a special consignment form in the logistics in accordance with national laws and regulations. Pet consignment is divided into different check methods: bus consignment, train consignment, air shipping, pet special car, etc.nOne is that you can negotiate with that driver and drive outside the bus station, but the dogs must be closed with holes, they can get angry, prepare dry food and waternHope to help you thank younMore 2nBleak

  4. Can't.
    The call from pets or excretion will disturb passengers' rest and affect the environment in the car.
    It to take away pets can be checked. This method has less damage to pets. Considering requires preparing related documents such as pet quarantine certificates in order to successfully check the check.

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