4 thoughts on “How to see the gender of dogs?”

  1. Watching the gender of the dog
    The gender to distinguish the dog is actually not difficult, as long as you look at the little JJ that it is on the stomach or next to the PP. On the belly is the boy, and the PP next to it is the girl, huh. And when the dog baby is young, he squats NN. Men and dogs usually have more than five or six months before raising their legs to NN.

    I can tell you a relatively simple method. This is my own observation. The puppies are divided into grandfather, to see if there is a penis between the men's legs, and the belly is relatively clean and covered by the hair. The mother's dog's genitals are relatively flat, and there are several spots on the belly. Because these so -called spots will develop into a dog's breast in the future.
    The resolution of adult dogs will be easy. Whether there are testicles near the germ in the male and the breasts on the belly of the female

  2. If you feel that it does not respect its private parts, you can touch its stomach, get close to the lower abdomen, and do not touch it through the hair. Generally, there are 4-6 convex points, that is the breast ... head ...

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