4 thoughts on “People have the gender of men and women, so how can the gender of dogs distinguish?”

  1. The gender of dogs is easy to distinguish. The owner can carry the dogs and then look at the parts of their urine. The bitch's urine is close to the tail, while the male dog is close to the abdomen, and it looks like a "rocket". This distinction is suitable for puppies because its reproductive organs are not very prominent. The observation of adult dogs is even simpler. The male dogs will have two particularly obvious eggs, and the bitch will not. The bitch will come to the big "big aunt" in the physiological period, which is also a very obvious feature.
    In the reproductive organs to judge.
    Since the dogs are also divided into male and female, the reproductive organs must be different. As long as the owner can understand the shape and distribution of the reproductive organs, you can judge whether the dog is male or female. When the dog is younger, the reproductive organs are not very obvious, and they can only be judged through the position. When the dog is an adult, the reproductive organs will be more prominent. For example, the male dog's eggs are very large, and it is particularly easy to be discovered by humans when it raises its tail. The bitch does not have this organ, and the tail is relatively flat.
    The posture of the dog to the toilet.
    The posture of dogs of different gender dogs is different. For example, when the male dogs go to the toilet, they will raise their legs. The bitch is squatting to the toilet. This is also a very different way, but you must wait for the dog to pee. In addition to the posture, the character of male and bitches is also very different. However, this difference is not universal, so Xiaobian just brings a brief mention. Most male dogs have a strong territory, a more irritable personality, and a greater care. The bitch will be very gentle, snuggle beside the owner, and is very friendly to the owner and will not care.
    When you buy a dog, you can let the dedicated dog vendor choose for you. Their judgment method of dog mouth is very accurate. Even if you buy the wrong dog, the owner should keep raising and not throw it away.

  2. The bitch's urine organs approach the back, and the male dog's place is in the middle of the belly. The observation of adult dogs is even simpler. The male dogs will have two particularly obvious eggs, and the bitch will not.

  3. You can distinguish according to some of their body structure, distinguish according to the call, and separate according to the habits of life, distinguish according to the body shape, and distinguish according to the appearance.

  4. It can be distinguished through the structure of the dog, and it can be distinguished by the dog's body shape, so that the gender of the dog can be distinguished.

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