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  1. In addition to dog food, dogs can eat too many things: meat, vegetables, fruits, snacks.
    but dogs at different varieties and different stages, feeding methods, dosage, and ratio.
    is still more troublesome to feed dog food directly! Intersection
    The corresponding rations according to the variety at the stage.
    The system of dog food and production technology are relatively mature. The nutrients required by dogs such as protein, fat, vitamins and other dogs contain a lot of nutritional elements, and the difference is how much component content.
    Dog food is the main, other supplemented, but also pay attention, some things cannot be fed! Intersection
    It about which can be eaten:
    1 Onion and garlic: affecting red blood cells, prone to low blood pressure
    2 Tomato: diarrhea, heart rate abnormality
    3 pepper ️: stimulus stimulation Gastrointestinal function, diarrhea
    4 peanuts: diarrhea
    5 celery: easy to faint
    6 leek: hypotension, damage bone marrow
    fruit category:
    1 grapes: easy to cause renal failure r r r r r r r r r r r
    2 Mango: Easy to occur
    3 Cherry: Cardiopulmonary disease
    4 Avocado: The gastrointestinal function is not smooth, it is difficult to metabolize
    5 Cafe: chronic nephritis
    6 pineapple: dehydration of allergies and so on
    Casual snacks
    1 Chocolate: vomiting and diarrhea, harmful to the nervous system
    2 Milk: easy to diarrhea
    3 Dry fruit: weak vomiting
    4 raisins: renal failure r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r N5 maltoseol: Blood glucose plugs
    6 coffee drinks ☕️: Diagnosis
    1 Raw beef and mutton, etc.: It is easy to cause food poisoning and parasites. A large amount of liver: too much consumption can vitamin A poison.
    3 Plants: Do not eat some family -kept plants
    4 Bone bone: easy to cut throat and stomach

  2. Then you want to see what dogs are. If it is a pet dog, it is generally enough to give dogs for dog food, and it is okay to give her some meat appropriately.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a pet doctor Xing Huanxia. I have clinical experience for more than ten years. The veterinarian qualification certificate is numbered. Please describe the pet species, age, deworming, sterilization, and problems encountered. Reminder: On Baidu, you can only send six times to send a roller. You can only send six times to say, please describe the situation you want to know in detail every time you talk, and pay attention to the number of times to avoid helping you solve the problem.nI have seen your problem, and I am sorting up for you. It takes some time. Please wait patiently!nDogs are mainly based on dog food. The nutritional ingredients of dog food sold on the market can basically provide the nutritional needs of dog growth. Some people will feed dogs to eat foods. This is not advisable. After all, dogs' digestive systems are still different from humans, which can easily lead to indigestion or even pancreatitis and other diseases. Therefore, it is enough to use dog food as a dog food. You can usually add some canned food to improve the food.n1 morenBleak

  4. I feel that the puppy is quite jealous. For example, you can't eat chocolate for dogs. If dogs take too much chocolate, it will cause dogs to died of poisoning, but do not give dogs raw food, such as raw meat, and also If you make your own food, you ca n’t put salt. Excessive intake of dog salt is not good for its heart. So my suggestion, it is best to eat dog food, you can try the crown canoner food, because the vitamins in it, the trace elements are well matched, and it is easier to digest. Then there is a magical. It is the effect of Guanneng Energy Dog Food and the effect of helping dogs to enhance resistance. The cost performance can be dripped, and I plan to give my small roll a few jackets.

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