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  1. First of all, the best food is dog food. If parents cannot provide dogs with some professional dog foods, they can also eat some homemade food. Of course, you must also pay attention to nutritional matching and nutritional balance.
    First of all, parents should understand the internal organs of animals, and they cannot feed them for a long time, because they can also be poisoned; meat, corn flour can have nutritious dog food, and fish meat. But the hard thorns of the fish may stuck the dog's throat, so you must jump and then feed it to the dog.
    In addition to these foods that can be eaten, there are some things that cannot be eaten, and parents must remember clearly. For example: squid and shells are not easily digested, and they are particularly easy to cause diarrhea and vomiting; pepper, curry powder, and some irritating spices cannot be eaten, which can easily bring the dog's stomach and intestines. Stimulation;
    It some dogs cannot drink milk, which can easily cause diarrhea; most importantly, puppies must not eat ham and sausages with preservatives and pigments.
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  2. If a puppies are raised at home, many novice owners will naturally care about feeding. I want to know what puppies can eat. The following is the nutritional food of feeding puppies.

    1. Pet goat milk powder
    Paccuming puppies are usually fed by dog ​​mothers. The master can choose a mild and close to breast milk to feed puppies to help puppies to increase nutrition and help the healthy growth of the body.

    2, milk cake and puppies
    As the puppies grow gradually, it is usually about 2 months. Use goat milk cakes or puppies and then eat puppies to help increase parallelism. Do not feed the dry and hard dog food directly, so as not to digest it well for a while, and abdominal distension and diarrhea.

    3, other nutritional foods
    is the diet structure of rich puppies, such as chicken, beef, egg yolk, carrot, pumpkin, broccoli and other nutritious foods. Cut and eat it. And feed some beans, shrimp, etc. to help puppies supplement calcium. If puppies are deficient in calcium, it is obviously recommended to soak Wang Li or feed them to provide richer calcium for puppies to promote the level of calcium in the body to promote the level of calcium in the body Recovery.

  3. Dogs are recommended to feed dog food as the main nutrition that can meet the growth and development of dogs. In addition, you can also feed nutritional supplements such as goat milk powder, nutrition cream, seaweed powder, and essential fatty acids to meet the daily nutritional needs of dogs. Other foods can occasionally give dogs in moderation, such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, carrots , Tomato, apple, pear, chicken breasts, fish, beef, etc. Vegetables and meats are best to wash them and cook them with white water.

  4. Dogs are omnivorous animals. Many things can be eaten, such as chicken breasts, apples, carrots, yogurt, etc., but you must not use these things as a staple food, because its ingredients are single, preferably dog ​​food, others such as apples, such as apples, such as apples Yogurt can be given appropriately.

  5. Milk powder, dogs can drink milk powder, drink for a while, wait for the bigger to feed dog food, come slowly, not in a hurry.

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