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  1. First of all, it depends on what kind of varieties you are raised to analyze the location of different varieties of dog breaking tails! Although the broken tail is good -looking, it is much more powerful. But the premise is not that the dog is not hurt, so it is usually chosen to do it for a week when the dog is born. At that time, as long as the tail of the puppy was tied to the tail of the puppy, it was necessary to die by the blood or cut it with surgery. The two -month -old dog must perform a broken tail surgery. First, the dog is injected with anesthesia to make it coma, and then disinfect the surgical part with alcohol. Tighten the surgical line on the upper part of the surgical area to prevent a large amount of bleeding after cutting and removing the tail. Select the joints of the upper and tail of the surgical area with surgery (usually 3 to 6 cm for the tail part). Immediately after surgery, he bleeding, applying red potion, and bandaging. With a dedicated speaker simplified stuck on the dog's neck within three days after surgery, preventing the dog from biting the wound. Pay attention to whether the wound is inflamed after surgery, and the red and swollen phenomenon must be injected with penicillin. Now in the British veterinarians, it is not allowed to perform operations such as broken tails, ear cutting, and wolf -cut toes.
    The method of broken tail surgery, but it is more commonly used. When the puppies were born a few weeks ago, the sterilized thin line tied below the part of the tail to be cut off. In this way, it hinders blood circulation. After a few weeks, the tissue that needs to be cut will be necrotic and naturally fall off. Therefore, in this process, it will not bleed, and the neuropathy of the newborn puppies is not completely developed, so it will not endure too much pain.
    We we want to remind the owners that the standards of each breed of breeding are different, so we must ask professionals before the tail break. In addition, although cuttailing is a relatively simple operation, the veterinarian that still needs to meet the requirements is still required. Do not simulate the operation of the surgery, and perform a disconnection surgery for the dog without authorization. Otherwise, once improper treatment, it will cause infection and cause serious consequences.
    INE, we will ask, why do people cut off the puppy's tail? Of course, there are reasons, but the reasons for each dog's tail are different.
    . For example, a cricket dog needs to be broken, because they are used as gun hounds, and they often need to cross the cluster of thorns to drive the prey such as quails. If the tail is not short, the tail that swings a large left and right will be beaten on the bush, causing injuries. In this way, they are miserable, so humans cut them off their tails.
    . For example, dog breeds such as Dubin and Lovina are used to defend and bite work. They perform disconnected surgery for them to prevent them from being attacked in the battle. In addition, there is also a saying that after the tail is cut off, these dogs cannot show the "yield" limb language with their tails, which is more conducive to cultivating their brave and fierce character.
    of course, many dogs have bid farewell to the original work now, and the purpose of the broken tail is only for the needs of the appearance. Therefore, some people think that it is an inatuated behavior to break the tail of the dog, and it has also arisen many controversy. Although some dog breeds have become traditional standards for some dog breeds, in some countries and regions in Europe, the dogs who participated in the competition no longer require a broken tail.
    The dogs with rich emotions, the only tool used to convey the inner thoughts is the tail. According to the tail, we can understand the psychological and dangerous state of the dog. For example, when it encounters a favorite opposite sex, the tail will be erected into right angles and vibrate slightly. When you are angry, your tail will sag. When happiness, the tail will make a large swing to the left and right. When the fear is rolled under the abdomen, it is the saying that it is said to fled with the tail. When the general dog's physical condition is good, the tail is usually tightly rolled, and when you are sick, you hang down loosely. At this time, when the hound smelled the prey, the tail stretched straight and pointed out where the prey was. The tail of the dog is so important. Why do some dog breeds be hated from the broken tail? This is very bad. There are about twenty tail vertebrae in the dog tail, surrounded by six thick blood vessels, and there are countless nerve fibers distributed, which is directly connected to the brain through the spine. Therefore, the feeling of the brain is completely connected to the tail, and it is revealed. If it is purely for the dog's tail for the reason for the appearance or lightness, then you are just a tool to close the dog's feelings and be useless!

  2. Turn it on the tail on the east and west. Do not let the blood flow through the tail. After today, you can cut it off. Don't cut it off if there are no big problems. The dog's tail can convey the news, just like hounds smell the prey hunter that can see whether the prey is large or near the dog's tail. The easiest dog is happy and likes to shake his tail. and many more. Essence Essence Don't cut it if there is no need to cut it.

  3. It is necessary to break the tail within two days when the dog was just born, because the dog's pain at that time was not very sensitive. The easiest way was to disinfect with alcohol, cutting hematopoietic tongs, cut off directly. Just for the sake of beauty, if it is not necessary, it can be continuously.

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