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  1. Before raising dogs, the preparation of dogs is mainly divided into related utensils, living environment, laundering utensils, food, and so on. Among them, related utensils need to prepare dog cages, dog foils, blankets, traction ropes, chest straps or neck circles, pet urine pads, and so on.
    The residential environment needs to be cleaned in advance, disinfected, etc., to avoid dogs from getting sick because of environmental hygiene problems.
    This protection utensils need to prepare deodorant, disinfectant, pet shower gel, ear washing, eye washing water, etc. The disinfectant needs to use low irritating products. Products to avoid stimulating dogs' fragile respiratory mucosa.
    The food needs to prepare for special milk cake food during milk. It is recommended to buy dog ​​food of large brands. At the same time, you also need to prepare nutritional creams, pets with goat milk powder, etc. to supplement nutrition.
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  2. What do you need to prepare a dog
    Is to prepare a dog? Many people who raise dogs for the first time will be a little uneasy. I have heard of the dogs for many weeks, I am afraid that I can't take good care of this little guy. Let's take a look at what a dog needs to prepare.
    Whats to prepare a dog. 1 If the dog is a puppy, it is best to get along with them
    The puppy is a very challenging thing, because they have poor immunity, they are poorly immune, It is not easy to resist the harm of various germs virus. If you want to raise a puppy, it is recommended to pick it back during the holidays, and you have a lot of time to get along with it. And during this time, you can also see how to properly raise a puppy, first look at the preparations for the future.
    The basic knowledge of learning dogs
    It to raise dogs, it is necessary to master the basic knowledge of dog breeding. At least, ensure that dogs have balanced diet, sufficient exercise, and good health. Once you understand these basic knowledge, you can give the dog a happier life.
    The newly -home dogs buy daily necessities
    Dogs need all kinds of things in the new home. Dog food, dog toys, rice bowls, beds, traction ropes, collars, cages, etc. I feel that these things can take a day to buy. You can find some reliable brands, or ask other dog owners around you to see which one is more suitable for dogs. In terms of cages, the owner is best to buy it according to the dog's adult, so you don't need to change one more when you grow up.
    Choosing the right dog food
    The diet of dogs is the basis of its healthy growth. But there are so many dog ​​food, and you may not be stunned when you pick it up. First of all, understand the basic knowledge of dog nutrition, and then choose a few dog food suitable for dogs, and it is within the scope of your economy. Make sure that Meat By-ProCTs, ​​Chemical Planes (BHA, BHT), artificial pigments, sweeteners, etc. do not appear in the dog food ingredients. The best way to choose dog food is to look at the dog's feeling of food. You can judge from the stool, hair, tears, etc. of the dog.

    I recognizes what daily care is needed
    The dogs are like people, and they also need to comb their hair, cut nails, brush their teeth, clean their ears, bath and other daily care. Why don't the dogs living in the wild used? In fact, dogs living in the wild are actually rough, so there are often many parasites on the body, and the way to maintain good health is to solve it in heaven.
    but as a pet dog, the owner must not want the dog to bring a bunch of parasites on the home. Do not comb the hair to cut your nails to brush your teeth and take a bath. It is also prone to getting sick. Do not ask the dog to make hair styling, but at least the most basic beauty care, the owner can help the dog to do it, which will also make it cleaner and healthy.
    In early to find a reliable pet doctor
    This owner hurriedly chose a nearby hospital to see the doctor after the dog was sick. It is easy to step on this hospital. The suggestion is to ask the owners around you to see which doctors are better. If the dog is really sick, it can be treated quickly and effective.

    This prevents dog development of bad habits
    The is very obedient without a dog. Many of the bad habits of dogs were formed when they were young, such as separation anxiety, overbarking, dismantling, bite hands and feet. If the owner does not pay attention, it is more difficult to correct when the dog grows up.
    So it is best to set some rules for the dogs first so that they can know what can be done and what cannot be done, and stifle bad habits in the cradle. If it is a puppy, the vaccine may not be able to go out when I first arrived. At this time, you can train your dog every day to let the dog learn some basic commands.
    Make a responsible dog owner
    , as a new owner, this is one of the most important things you need to know. As a responsible dog owner, he is responsible for the life of the dog and is responsible for the behavior of the dog. Civilized dog raising, leaving rope, picking shit, not disturbing the people, etc., are all the heads of the person in charge of the dog owner.
    The dog is definitely exciting. But there are many things to do to make dogs successfully adapt to the new life of the home. Although you can just take care of this naughty ghost who can't speak, you may be very tired, but as long as you persist, you can get the dog's loyalty for more than ten years.
    What do you need to prepare a dog 2 1. Dog food
    In early preparing dog food for it. How big is the dog brought back? n Note: In fact, you can also use it from the original owner, and then buy the same way to buy it. This will avoid the prepared dog food that is different from the original food, leading to indigestion and other problems.
    . The dog's nest
    Before raising dogs, consider where the dog is brought back to the dog to place it, the dog is easy to catch a cold, so you have to prepare the kernel nest for it. Sleeping on the ground;
    . Dog rope
    Mathers who raise dogs have to prepare dog ropes in advance so that they should be used to take it out to avoid it;
    . 4. Dog clothing
    This dogs have a lot of hair. Many people think that it is not afraid of cold. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. Dogs will also be afraid of cold, especially for unauthorized dogs. The change of changes to it;
    5. Vaccination
    everyone knows that the dog is born from the mother to obtain the antibody. When it starts to eat dog food, the source of the antibody is reduced, so it must be Give it a vaccine needle to avoid it from being sick and enhance immunity;

    6. Flea medicine, deodorant medicine, deworming medicine in the body n No matter how clean the reason, there will always be other small fleas on its body, so you have to repeat the deworming, and the in vitro and the body must be carried out;
    Note: Internal deworming The in vitro deworming is to use it every time you take it out.
    7. Dog diaper, induction agent
    The people who do not train dogs, dogs can shit and urine everywhere. Put the dog diapers, and then spray it on it with a induction agent to let it smell repeatedly. After multiple training, it knows to solve physiological problems at the designated place;
    , dog comb, high -power hair dryer, dogs, dogs Dog Bathing Xiangbo
    Dogs also have to take a regular bath, but the dog is very fragile when taking a bath. After the bath, you should blow dry and use a dog comb to sort out the hair;
    9. Nail cutting, r
    The nails of pet dogs must be trimmed regularly, and they must be flat. If it is not trimmed, it is easy to catch people.
    What to prepare for a dog, what 3 cages, dog nests
    It is necessary to buy cages. It is not necessary to stay in the cage all the time, but the cage is often used. The dogs who just brought back will be more afraid of giving birth, like to hide it, and they will eat casually, casually urinate or something.
    It the cage is to clean, and the other is to make the dog not eat randomly. Moreover, there are many types of cages, including full closed and fences. Personally prefer fences. It is convenient to assemble and move to move. If you buy the cage, you can prepare a soft cushion or a dog foothills for it. However, buying cages on the Internet will give leggings or quilts.

    . If someone usually helps you look at the dog, you can buy an ordinary basin. If you do n’t have time to look at the dog or buy an automatic feeder.

    The diapers, toilets, deodorants
    The dogs who just brought back still have to teach it to go to the toilet. The water absorption of the diapers is still good. You teach it to urinate on the diapers or toilet, but it will still urinate in one place, so at this time, you need to prepare some deodorant or something.
    This dog food
    Is whether you feed puppies or adult dogs, dog foods for dogs at each stage are different. It is best to buy small bags when buying dog food. Dogs are picky.
    The shower gel, bath towels, hair dryers, nail shears, traction ropes, brushes
    These things can be prepared in advance, or they can be bought after buying dogs Used. Generally, the dogs who have just bought them have not finished the vaccine. They cannot take a bath. It is best not to take it on the street. Dogs during this period are most likely to get sick. Can.

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