5 thoughts on “How to sell dogs in the same city in 58”

  1. 1. Search bar in Baidu and search for "58 City". You can also enter "58" directly on the browser to visit the official website.

    2. On the right side of the website, there is a registration and login button. If there is no account number, you need to register a account first. The registration process is simple. Your installation process prompts to register step by step. If you have an account, click login directly.

    3. If your things are second -hand items, such as depreciation products such as mobile phones and membership cards, then you sell your own things in the classification second -hand market.

    4. For example, taking a second -hand mobile phone as an example, click "Free release information" on the right.

    5. Enter the free release information bar, select personal transfer or merchant transfer on the publishing person's column, fill in the detailed information of the mobile phone, such as what brand of mobile phones, how long is it? There are more new, how much transfers, the more detailed as much as possible!

    6. The most important thing is to take pictures in detail for dogs, for example:

    About health.

    A on how to trade and how to pay.
    Is before publishing the news, there are two ways, courier transactions and meeting pickup transactions.

    The express transaction process:
    Me buyer online payment contact the delivery goods to the buyer to try it, the payment is automatically included in your Alipay account (can be withdrawn or use at any time) r
    Meeting to pick up the goods:
    buyers online payment The buyer receives the receipt code and meets the delivery codes to fill it back to the website for a 24 -hour trial, the payment is automatically included in your Alipay account (you can withdraw at any time to withdraw money at any time Or use)
    If payment, if you want to be convenient to directly pay online, if you are afraid of being unsafe, information and product information are asymmetric and fraudulent, and the seller is not honest. Delivery in one hand!

  2. Log in to the 58th homepage and switch your city. Then find a column of "Pet/Pet Products", click "Dog" to enter the request to fill in the release information. You can also increase the shooting small videos.

  3. You must first choose your city. For example, I will post dog information in the city of Fuzhou in Fuzhou! General information is best to have photos for people to be credible. There are your contact number! that's it!

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