5 thoughts on “How do I sell dogs?”

  1. There is a publishing baby on the salted fish. You can have a baby on your idle fish. You can upload two more photos or small videos you want to sell, and then make a brief introduction to set a more reliable price. However, pets are living creatures and are not suitable for long -distance transportation.

  2. How to sell dogs on idle fish, you can take the dog's photos from multiple angles and describe the age of the dog's breed, etc., and then release it on the idle fish.

  3. If you want to sell pet dogs, you will publish information on the idle fish. For example, pet dog's monthly quality. The price is some of the necessary information, but the most important thing is not to have some sensitive words, which will be blocked.

  4. If you want to sell dogs on salted fish, you generally choose to transaction objects in the same city so that you can do subsequent guarantee services and support work, and it is not recommended that you sell well. Instead, it is not low. , The transaction volume will be higher

  5. I think there are very few pets on the leisure fish, and there should be, but there are very few, because the idle fish are traded something other things. For example few.

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