1 thought on “The dog has no spirit to walk with a bow and bow your waist”

  1. It was found that the dog had no spirit and bowed his waist. The owner needed to be vigilant, because the dog may have lumbar disc herniation. Small, pancreatitis and other diseases can cause pain in the abdominal cavity. With waist, it is best to take it for a doctor to check.
    The cause of the dog walking and bowing
    It when the dog has no spirit, walking and bolding the waist, and lasting time, the owner needs to be vigilant, the dog may have physical discomfort, the dog may have physical discomfort. Even the illness.

    This lumbar disc caused by spinal disease may cause the dog's body pain, and there is no spirit. When walking, it is not straightforward. It is best to take the dog to the pet hospital for examination.

    Is when some diseases cause the dog's abdominal organs to pain, the dog will have no spirit, walking with waist, such as small infection, pancreatitis, intestinal parasites infection, abdominal tumor, etc.

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