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  1. Under normal circumstances, the dog's waist can be recessed, and a few dogs are the back of the bow when they are born. However, when the dog is painful and the back of the back, it is abnormal.
    The main cause of the dog's bow and waist is the urgency of the thoracic lumbar discs or the pain of the abdominal cavity.
    The lumbar disc herniation mainly occurs in dogs with long -body and short -legged, such as: Beijing dogs, Shih Tzu, etc., and the incidence rate is higher after five years old. Clinically, VIPs with short legs can be seen. Lumbar disc herniation is easy to relapse. The lumbar spinal question is particularly common among short -legged dogs with meat, liver, and ham sausages. Due to the disorders of mineral material proportion in food, the skeletal development is caused. Waiting for joint diseases.

    C calcium supplement, usually give dogs more bean products, kelp soup, carrots, etc. Det more sun to promote the absorption of the body's body calcium and achieve the purpose of calcium supplementation.
    Stoon disc kender therapy can give dogs a long time to eat arthropolis, which can enhance joint flexibility, relieve the pain of dogs, and eliminate arthritis to increase its activity ability. At the same time, the dog's weight is reduced to reduce the burden on their arthritis.
    The other cause is the pain of the abdominal cavity, such as: intestinal case, intestinal foreign body, intestinal perforation, peritonitis, severe bowel parasitic parasitic, abdominal tumor or cancer, etc. Do not allow the phenomenon of touch.
    The dogs in this case have vomiting, and their spirits are sluggish. I suspect that the dog has gastrointestinal diseases.

    This peritonitis treatment: peritonitis caused by various reasons should be controlled in time, and antibacterial drugs should be used early. You can choose penicillin, splitterin, cephalosporin, Ernuo tsarium, compound sulfurizil sodium, etc. And with the use of Demamone, strong pine dragons.
    is necessary to stop leakage. Can use 10%glucose calcium solution 20 ~ 30 ml, or 5%chloride solution 5 ~ 10 ml and 25%glucose 40 ~ 60ml mixed vein injection. If the exudate liquid is too long, the abdominal occlusion can be performed to release the effusion in the abdominal cavity. -1.0g, 40%Ulot 5m intravenous injection once a day can help relieve symptoms and prevent sepsis. You can also treat symptomatic treatment according to the condition.

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