Why is the waist of the teddy dog ​​bowed?

Why the Teddy dog's waist is bowing normally, it is normal, and the spirit is normal, that is, bowing the waist when walking. What's the matter

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  1. Teddy dog's waist is always bowed:
    1, parasitic effects in the body.
    Is with conditions can be deworming according to the results of the hospital test (puppies should check once a month, adult dogs check every three months). Under normal conditions, there is no abnormal situation. It is normal, and the spirit and appetite are very good. It is necessary to take the dog with insect repellent.
    2, long -term calcium deficiency.
    The owner also eats calcium tablets for Teddy, but it is still possible to lack calcium due to long -term eating a single dog food. There is no enough calcium intake, and the calcium in small calcium tablets is low. Come to need calcium.
    Thi's calcium lacking performance is always bowing back, as well as the general manifestations of puppies in calcium deficiency are double teeth, and the leg shape is not good. The toes will be separated, just like duck, and they do not stand upright, and do not love sports, and the color of the nose will become lighter; the general manifestations of calcium deficiency in adult dogs are hot and irritable. Essence
    3, natural bone development is not good.
    The Teddy is inherently poor in bone development and can only walk. If you buy such dogs, you need to pay special attention. It is likely to be a genetic CHD, and the hip development is poor.
    4, cold.
    The may be related to Teddy's cold, so pay more attention to keep Teddy warm, especially in the cold season, or stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time. These pet owners stay more to avoid teddy colds.

    extension information:
    The precautions to raise teddy:
    1. Do not let it walk upright
    , I often see high -energy teddy dogs. They are very humanized. They know how to walk upright and wear beautiful clothes, just like human children, attracting the attention of many passers -by.
    If you really like Teddy, don't deliberately train it to walk upright. This will affect the health of the dog's bones. In severe cases, it will even paralyze it.
    2, do not raise dogs in the cage
    Teddy is a very energetic dog. It is particularly lively and active. The cage can be said to be the nightmare of the teddy dog. , Make it very lack of security.
    The Teddy, who has been raising in the cage for a long time, has a huge change in temperament. It will become unwilling to be affectionate with you, and there is no sense of belonging to home. Once you lose, you may not want to go home.
    3, you must use the traction rope to go out
    Teddy is a dog with a storm. It often rely on the protection of the owner. It is like an uncle outside. The provocative move, so the traction rope is essential.
    It some pet owners always think that "the puppy is not wrong", and the teddy does not have a traction rope with Teddy. People stole.

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