4 thoughts on “Puppy often bows his waist and stretch your legs. Why is this?”

  1. After waking up, the dog's body will be more comfortable, and then the waist will be stretched, as if humans stretch their waist. So this situation is normal, and the owner does not need to worry. After all, humans will also stretch their waists after waking up or tired, so dogs bow their legs are also a normal manifestation. At this time, you should not disturb the dogs. You can wait for the dog to stretch your waist and then touch the dog or feed some dog food for the dog.
    Why do puppies often bow their legs?
    It this situation is very normal, because puppies are similar to humans, and they will stretch a lazy waist after tiredness or sleep. If you often observe dogs, you will find that many dogs will do such a movement, which shows that the dog's body is in a very relaxed state to make such actions. If the dog is unsafe now, then the dog will not do such a move, but will pinch the tail and curl up the body. Therefore, dogs are very trusted for you to do such a move in front of you.
    After the dog is lazy, you can prepare a bowl of dog food for the dog.
    This dogs are also relatively large, and they will be hungry after sleeping. So after the dog stretchs the lazy waist, you can prepare a bowl of dog food for the dog, so that the dog can be full. Then you can take the dog out and bend, so that the dog can get more activities. Therefore, raising dogs is also often playing with dogs, so that the dog can feel the owner's mind, so that the dog is very healthy, and there will not be some problems in personality. After all, dogs and children are the same, they need or pay attention to human attention. If there is no human concern, then the dog is also very uncomfortable.
    If you do n’t understand some dog behaviors, you can also read more books to raise dogs, so that the dog can be very good, and it will not let the dog's body problem. After all Raising dogs is not an easy task.

  2. First, it may be that the dog is closed in the cage for a long time, lacking exercise, unable to stretch. Second, it may be that the dog will occasionally do this bow waist and stretch your legs occasionally after waking up. In the above two cases, the shovel officer does not have to worry. The third situation: It is because the free -range dogs often have bow and waist to extend their legs, which may be caused by the dog's illness and uncomfortableness.

  3. This situation is similar to the lazy waist of human beings. If it does not move for a long time, the body will be tight, and the body's tight condition will be relieved through public waist stretching.

  4. It may be caused by poor development caused by malnutrition, or a state of deformity in the body, or it may be caused by the atrophy of the hind leg muscle atrophy.

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