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  1. First of all, a rabies vaccine for pets will have a green book. Pets apply for quarantine certificate before plane. The Ministry of Express Airlines will ask you to bring your pets to quarantine. You should go to the local inspection and inspection animal epidemic station to issue a quarantine certificate before transportation.
    In early calling the airline and booking the aerobic compartment. It is best to delay direct direct flights without the stop or transit flight. The newer the model, the better, the temperature of the aerobic cabin of the old model is not good. Pet air boxes are bought, and airlines stipulate that pets can rotate and stand freely in the airbox. The back cannot be held on the cage, which is convenient for feeding but not allowed the pet to extend the cage and bite others. Do not feed before departure. A small amount of water is given. The big pet dog should put on a mask. The small pet dog cannot use a predator. It is stuffed with a large towel in the box. On the way, the bumpy collision can be reduced to the pet dog. Take the boarding procedures two to three hours in advance on the same day to show the immune certificate and quarantine certificate. Det off at the place where the luggage was extracted, or took the original ID card to the airport freight station withdrawal.

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