5 thoughts on “In Xuzhou Tongshan, a pet dog was killed by a big wolf dog.”

  1. According to the judge's judgment, Fang Mou, the owner of the big wolf dog, should bear 70%of the responsibility, and Ding, the owner of the pet dog, should acknowledge 30%of the responsibility. In fact, when the pet dog was killed by the wolf dog, the owner of the wolf dog refused to compensate. When I came out, I found that the big wolf dog and the puppy were bitten together. When the owner found that they were fighting, they separated the two dogs and quickly sent the puppy to the hospital, but they still did not leave their lives. The doctor announced that he would die if he was invalid.
    This behavior of raising dogs can be said to be particularly angry, because it is actually not boring dog ropes on the street. Essence Because animals do not have human thinking ability, they do not know how to do the corresponding behavior to control themselves. Therefore, the owner should restrain animals well. Although dogs are friends that humans attach great importance, they still have certain attack and harm. If you are injured or hurting others, it will cause serious consequences. It is hoped that those dog breeders should take corresponding protection measures when walking dogs, so as to civilized dogs and avoid economic losses and legal risks.
    It the big wolf dog is a strong dog. If it is not well regulated, it will cause great harm. However, this incident was that the puppy owner did not tie the dog rope to cause this situation. Therefore, the owner of the puppy should also pay a certain amount of responsibility, because he did not protect his dog. The owner of the big wolf dog. This judgment of the law continued to appeal, but it was announced that it was invalid and maintained the original judgment. Everyone feels very unsafe on the road. Although China's social security is also very good, there will always be some inexplicable dogs rushing out to bite people, which makes people feel very dangerous.
    So the country must also strengthen the regulation of dog raising. I hope those who do not tie the dog rope will be punished accordingly, so that these uncivilized people cannot raise dogs. When you walk on the road, you can rush out of the dog to grow up at you. It looks very terrible, but it will not hurt his dog for a while, otherwise the dog owner will make you compensate. Essence Fortunately, the law has paid more attention to the pet dog incident. If you want to raise dogs, you must be civilized to raise dogs. This is not only the responsibility of the owner, but also a manifestation of maintaining the appearance of the city's style and promoting social stability.

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