1 thought on “What pets are suitable for children to raise. What pets are suitable for raising”

  1. 1. Golden Mao hunting dog. Golden Rather Hound is a smart, friendly and loyal dog. It is not timid and very patient, suitable for children.

    2. Pureon. The poodle is a very smart, docile dog, and it is also suitable for children who are susceptible to allergies, because it rarely loses hair. At the same time, it is also careful, loyal, and rarely angry. Its kindness, friendly style, and good spleen performance have become children's excellent playmates.

    3. Big dogs, border shepherds, Labrador, Sherry, etc., are also suitable for children to raise. They are very good. Jian, not too tired because of playing a game. It is friendly and joyful. Big dogs usually get along well with other pets, but they need to brush their teeth and bath frequently.

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