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  1. Generally, vomiting uses probiotics to condition, strong vomiting, and relieve vomiting, and use stomach Shuning.
    The causes of vomiting of dogs are very many. For specific analysis, according to the degree of severity, general vomiting can use probiotic conditioning, strong vomiting requires use of spitting tablets and relieving injections. Shu Ning.
    1. Use probiotics to condition. When dogs are only because of gastrointestinal discomfort, indigestion, there is no inflammation. It is caused by too much feeding at one time. The owner can use probiotics for conditioning.
    2. Use stopy vomiting tablets or spitting injections. When dogs cause strong vomiting due to acute gastroenteritis, small dog plague, severe pneumonia and other diseases, it is recommended to use relief tables and stop vomiting injections to prevent vomiting in a timely manner. Prevent excessive dehydration.
    3, use analgesic I tablet / analgesic, or can be treated with syrup, alleviating vomiting caused by pain in dogs. Common diseases are: pancreatitis, stones, nephritis, etc.
    4. When treating dogs vomiting symptomatically, the stomach should also be carried out to protect the dog's stomach. It can practical stomach Shuning.

  2. The following aspects that cause dogs to vomit vomiting: the speed of eating is too fast, the food you eat is too much, the food itself is too irritating, and the gastrointestinal diseases are suffering from enteritis Essence
    1. The speed of eating is too fast
    This dogs are too fast to eat, and the stomach is not ready to receive a large amount of food, which may cause vomiting. If the owner has time and energy, you can train and cultivate the dog to be quiet If you do n’t have time to eat, you can try to replace the ordinary food basin into a “slow food basin”, but there are more grooves in the slowdler, and the owner needs to be cleaned in time.
    2. Too much food you eat
    is the same as eating too fast. Eating too much food in a short time will also stimulate the dog's stomach. Then meals.
    3. Exercise after eating
    If your dog is more naughty and you can't get quiet before and after eating, then vomiting is likely to be caused by this principle. The dog is released in the cage for an hour before putting it out. If the dog's vomiting improves, then the reason is found.
    4, the food itself is too irritating
    If the dog usually does not vomit, it will only occur after eating a certain food, then the probability of vomiting is caused by this food. Just feed.
    5. Effects of gastrointestinal diseases such as small enteritis dogs
    When dogs suffer from enteritis and certain infectious diseases, vomiting will be accompanied by other abnormal symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, convulsions, dehydration, etc., and absolutely absolutely Will not eat the vomit and go back.
    Is in the case of this situation, you need to fast the dog forbidden water, take some drugs that stop spitting and stop diarrhea, and continue to observe. If the number of vomiting and diarrhea within 24 hours is more than 4 times, it is recommended that the owner take the dog to go as soon as possible Pet hospital for examination.

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