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  1. 1. Gastric and intestinal discomfort
    General shoveling officers are spoiled their own dogs. They usually pick nutrients and feed, but in the long run, the dog's stomach will not be able to stand it. At this time, its own physiological function will tell him to improve the method: eating grass can help digestion.
    The dietary fiber in plants, and some plant roots contain salicylic acid, which can not only promote gastrointestinal motility, but also play a certain anti -inflammatory role. Dogs are eating too much or indigestion. Eating some plants can effectively relieve gastrointestinal discomfort.
    2, lack of some trace elements
    In daily life, if dogs only eat animal protein such as meat, liver, fat, etc., the nutritional intake is uneven. At this time, dogs will eat grass or dirt, and garbage. These are common methods for them to find trace elements.
    The as people gradually realized the importance of science and pets, the lack of trace elements due to feeding problems is rare.

    3, alien food
    otethene refers to the cat licking or bite of cats and dogs that cannot be used as food or food value without nutritional value due to environmental, genetic, nutrition, and endocrine. A disease characterized by this is a disease that affects the normal life of dogs and cats.
    Is when the dogs with alien foods eat a large amount of grass, the shoveling officer needs to stop it, and a large number of grass enters the gastrointestinal and intestines will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Once you find that the dog has alienity, please seek medical treatment in time and find the cause. If there is a problem with the internal problems of the body, if it is a psychological problem, patiently cooperate with the doctor to carry out psychological enlightenment and recover soon.
    4, entertainment
    The dogs feel boring. They will find something to do for self -entertainment. When they find that the grass can bite like a toy, they will constantly bite and play. If the owner finds that the dog is just pulling grass instead of eating it, it is estimated that the dog is boring. At this time, the owner needs to take the time to accompany the dog to play.

    5, curiosity
    The pet dog has no experience in living in the wild, and has great curiosity about things in nature. They do not know what the grass is. Therefore, he directly transformed his curiosity into your own action.
    6, natural love
    Different dogs are different. Most dogs do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, but some dogs like to eat, so I encounter each time I go out and meet In the grass, I like to bite a few mouthfuls of grass.
    In short, eating grass is a basic and normal behavior of dogs, unless it ate excessive grass, you don't have to worry too much. However, there are parasites or sprayed herbicides and pesticides in some grasslands. These are very dangerous for dogs. Therefore, if you can't determine whether a piece of grass is safe, it is best to stay away.

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