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  1. Common in vitro parasites that endanger dogs, such as lice, fleas, mites, tapeworms, and so on. Among them, tapeworms are commonly known as ticks, flat lice, grass climbing, dog beans, etc. The world known as more than 800 categories, and more than 110 species have been found in my country. Many dogs have been infected with tapeworms, and this parasite is also huge to damage to dogs. In life, the owner should help dogs prevent
    蜱, also known as tick or flat lice, commonly known as grass climbing, eight -footed, dog beans, which are incomplete perverted limb animals. They are parasitic on the body of the dog, absorbing the blood of the dog, causing the anemia of the dog. At the same time, the secretion of neurotoxin enters the dog's body, causing the dog's neurotriplastic dysfunction, showing muscle paralysis death, and can also spread a variety of diseases. It is the media and the host of some people and beasts.
    The hardly live in the forest, shrub, open pasture, grassland, and mountains. The softness is mostly inhabited by the livestock, the cave of wild animals, the nest of the bird's nest and the human room. Strong breeding ability.
    This oval in the body, flat abdomen when the abdomen is not sucking, the back is slightly raised, and the adult body is 2 to 10mm long. Epidermal leather, back or shelling shield board. The worm is divided into two parts: jaw body and body.
    The tapeworm can suck blood, but also cause dog skin infection
    The tapeworm is a relatively troublesome of dog parasites, and this parasite not only affects dogs, but also for our health. It also has certain hazards. Some people call tapeworms as dog beans. In fact, it also has different names such as wall worms and grass climbing. The main hazard of the parasite is blood -sucking, and it is easy to cause bacterial infections to the skin, causing a series of skin problems. When the owner finds that the dog has tapeworms, it is best not to pull it off with brute force, but should be solved with medicine.
    What effect does tapeworm have on dogs?
    Mepatonic dog infection with tapeworms infected when playing in the grass, parasitic on the dog's body surface, for its own growth needs Continuous blood -sucking will bring restlessness to the dog and even danger to life. First of all, ticks will mechanically damage the dog's skin, making the dog itchy.时 There is no pain when it is dingled and vampire, but because the chewed limbs and the lower panels are pierced into the dog's skin at the same time, they can make the dog irritable and rub it with their companions or bite them with their mouths. Severe can cause local congestion, edema, and acute inflammation, and can also cause secondary infections.
    If tapeworms will be blood -sucking, which can cause anemia. The larvae and male and female adults are blood -sucking. Most of the hardcores invaded the host during the day, and the long -term blood -sucking time takes a few days. The softness invades the host at night, with a short blood -sucking time, usually for several minutes to 1 hour. The amount of blood sucking is very large, and it can swell several times to dozens of times after the development of each development period. Excessive blood blood can cause anemia, weight loss, and dysplasia. Generally, anemia will occur only when puppies are severely infected.
    Perotoxin may also cause dog paralysis or clamor. When a large number of tapeworms are parasitic in the hind limbs, the secreted toxins can cause symmetrical relaxation and paralysis of the hind limb muscles. Generally, 5-7 after being bitten by the bite are bitten. Daily incidence is characterized by lame, limbs, and abdominal wall tendon reflex functional disorders. If you are bitten by `蜱 蜱 with neurotoxin, the dogs are beginning to have uneasy, mild tremor, unstable gait, shallow breathing, uneven heart rate, and may cause gradual failure. You can also see the tremor of the eye, but the body temperature is normal, and the dog can die a few hours after respiratory paralysis.
    Ip dogs are also indirectly infected with other infectious diseases. 蜱 are also important mediums of other parasites and infectious diseases, which indirectly causes other parasitic diseases and infectious diseases in the dog.寄 The parasitic site of the host often has a certain selectivity, which is generally thin in the skin and is not easy to be moved.狗 usually attached to the dog's head, ears, and toes.
    It to prevent tapeworms from staying less long in the grass and other places
    On how to solve the dog tapeworm?
    When unstable, you must send it to the hospital. You can inject some vitamin B to enhance the skin's resistance. If the quantity is small, it is possible to remove it by hand

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