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  1. What are the reasons for dogs?
    lack of nutrients
    Sometimes dogs instinctively "what to eat". So when they feel that they lack some nutrients in their bodies, such as vitamins, cellulose, and other trace elements, they will think about what to eat to find out.
    The grassy grass in spring and summer has become their goal.

    It feel uncomfortable
    If the dog feels a little uncomfortable, especially the digestive system discomfort, you may also find some grass to eat.
    is not the legend that "dogs will find herbs to eat herbs", but it is just an instinct to relieve. Of course, this does not mean that the dog really eats these grass and vomit, and the body will be fine. If you find that dogs are unwell, you must check in time!

    It may be simply wanting to eat
    If your dog hurriedly strangled grass, it may really be that you did n’t eat before going out. Everything that can be eaten in the grass is its goal. , Even grass. Even if you are not hungry, it may be really a little dog, and you want to find the "snack" in the grass to change the taste.
    but no matter what, the behavior of having grass or eating random must be stopped in time!

    just feels fun
    In some cases, dogs are simply for fun, especially some puppies and strong dogs To release energy.
    The even some dogs just like the "creaking" taste of the grass.

    It may not be eating grass
    . If there are urine left by other dogs on a cluster of grass, sometimes the dog will smell, lick, and lick, and lick it. It is to obtain the pheromone left above (such as whether other dogs have a urine mark here). Maybe the action is too focused and lick too hard, and it also makes you misunderstand it.

    But why not let the dog eat grass?
    In fact, most of the grass on the grass is not poisonous, and the dogs are not hindered, but it is not recommended that dogs eat, and the owners should not let the dog eat.

    has no poisonous grass, but chemicals are toxic

    The grasslands will spray chemicals, such as pesticides or herbicides. Although the grass is not poisonous, these are toxic. Light can cause vomiting and diarrhea, which may be life -threatening.

    is too sharp? It will also stab the dogs
    . Although most of the grass in the city flower garden is not harmful, the grass in the wild may be very powerful. Some plants may have sharp edges or even burrs, and there may be fluffy and inverted hooks. It may scratch the dog's mouth and even stuck in the teeth.

    This may also have parasites
    . Although rumors rumored that dogs eat grass because there are worms in the belly, there may be parasitic eggs in the grass. Once the dog eats it Going down, the chance of being infected is very high. So eating grass is really troublesome.

    The habit of picking things in the grass!
    in recent years, because of the increase in people and dogs, it is not uncommon to throw toxic food in the grassland of the community. How can we guarantee that the dog eats in the grass is non -toxic? Once you let the dogs develop the habit of picking up food outside, it is really dangerous.

    How to deal with grass dogs?
    Is ask the doctor
    If you suspect that the dog has a health problem or lacks nutrients, especially if you already have some symptoms of diseases, you can consult the doctor and do some examinations to eliminate hidden health hazards.
    Penged food
    If really lacks some nutrients, you can add more vegetables to the dog. For example, cooked carrots, spinach that is oxalized in the past, and sweet and sour tomatoes are all good choices for dog nutritional supplements.
    The training dogs don't eat chaotic
    add some fasting training, don't let the dog eat anything outside. Except for it, don't eat what strangers give. This can ensure its safety and health.

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