How to get Grade 8 Dark Matter and use it in FFXIV

How to obtain and utilize Grade 8 Dark Matter in FFXIV
If you're fed up with the Mender fees in Final Fantasy XIV, it's high time to acquire some Grade 8 Dark Matter and start fixing your own gear. This not only saves a considerable amount of Gil but also a lot of effort. Plus, you'll be the friend who always comes through with the gear repair.

Locating Grade 8 Dark Matter
Some vendors offer Grade 8 Dark Matter for 280 Gil each. FFXIV crafters need one piece of Grade 8 Dark Matter for each item they repair. You can either ask friends to repair or do it yourself - either way, it's beneficial to buy a bunch so you don't have to constantly search for Mender NPCs for a quick repair. We'll point out these helpful NPCs and their locations below.
Grand Companies
Each Grand Company has its own Quartermaster, who trades 600 Grand Company Seals for Grade 8 Dark

  • Storm Quartermaster  Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X13.1, Y12.7)
  • Serpent Quartermaster  New Gridania (X9.8, Y11.0)
  • Flame Quartermaster  Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X8.3, Y9.0)

Wolves' Den Pier
Don't forget about your stash of 20,000 Wolf Marks, as you can also buy Grade 8 Dark Matter from the Mark Quartermaster at Wolves' Den Pier (X 4.4 Y6.0) for 100 Wolf Marks each.
Merchants selling Grade 8 Dark Matter:

Vendor Location(s)
Alaric Old Gridania (X14.3 Y8.8)
Andia The Crystarium (X9.3 Y12.3)
Apartment Merchant Kobai Goten Apartment Lobby (X6.1 Y6.0)
Lily Hills Apartment Lobby (X6.1 Y6.0)
Sultana’s Breath Apartment Lobby (X6.1 Y6.0)
Topmast Apartment Lobby (X6.1 Y6.0)
Ingleside Apartment Lobby (X6.1 Y6.0)
Arms Supplier Lakeland (X5.8 Y16.9)
Arms Supplier & Mender Landland (X18.7 Y18.8)
Blessed Merchant The Fringes (X27.0 Y19.8)
Bureau Provisioner The Tempest (X21.7 Y26.3)
Dadden Eulmore (X11.7 Y11.4)
Diana The Firmament (X9.7 Y8.3)
Dotharli Merchant & Mender The Azim Steppe (X11.8 Y33.5)
Eilonwy The Firmament (X12.2 Y14.2)
Enclave Merchant The Ruby Sea (X21.0 Y20.4)
Fahruvvet Radz-at-Han (X11.9 Y9.7)
Haneko Burneko The Waking Sands (X6.2 Y5.0)
Hingan Merchant & Mender The Ruby Sea (X38.8 Y37.7)
Independent Merchant The Peaks (X24.5 Y5.7)
The Peaks (X16.5 Y36.5)
The Ruby Sea (X23.5 Y9.2)
The Lochs (X10.6 Y21.2)
Rhalgr’s Reach (X12.6 Y11.0)
Yanxia (X24.9 Y13.0)
Jasfort The Crystarium (X9.7 Y9.4)
Junkmonger Labyrinthos (X6.2 Y27.4)
Labyrinthos (X22.0 Y20.0)
Labyrinthos (X29.8 Y12.8)
Labyrinthos (X21.0 Y6.7)
Mare Lamentorum (X21.0 Y12.2)
Garlemald (X12.9 Y30.4)
Garlemald  (X31.3 Y17.4)
Idyllshire (X6.1 Y7.2)
Thavnair (X10.3 Y23.2)
Thavnair (X24.8 Y34.1)
Eplis (X9.5 Y32.3)
Junkmonger Nonoroon Upper La Noscea (X11.8 Y24.7)
Local Merchant The Rak’tika Greatwood (X27.7 Y18.0)
Kholusia (X34.5 Y27.4)
Kholusia (X15.3 Y28.8)
The Lochs (X34.0 Y34.3)
Mender The Diadem (X8.7 Y18.7)
Merchant & Mender Ultima Thule (X30.8 Y27.9)
The Peaks (X19.6 Y11.0)
The Peaks (X27.7 Y29.0)
The Peaks (X27.0 Y36.7)
Lakeland (X18.8 Y35.5)
Lakeland (X35.7 Y20.5)
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X3.3 Y12.9)
The Ruby Sea (X31.4 Y36.6)
Amh Araeng (X10.8 Y16.8)
Yanxia (X15.7 Y31.2)
Mol Merchant & Mender The Azim Steppe (X31.2 Y11.3)
Mord Junkmonger Amh Araeng (X12.8 Y9.8)
Nanabe Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X14.2 Y11.0)
Oroniri Merchant The Azim Steppe (X23.4 Y21.9)
Pillar of Industry Mare Lamentorum (X12.9 Y32.7)
Pixie Hoarder Il Mheg (X14.8 Y32.2)
Provisions Node Ultima Thule (X14.1 Y33.7)
Resistance Provisioner The Bozjan Southern Front (X14.6 Y30.6)
Zadnor (X35.7 Y34.3)
Shan San Amh Araeng (X27.0 Y15.8)
Synnove Old Sharlayan (X12.7 Y10.3)
Tholl Junkmonger Kholusia (X11.8 Y8.8)
Tokohana Kugane (X12.9 Y12.2)
Traveling Merchant The Azim Steppe (X32.5 Y28.9)
Tribe Merchant The Fringes (X30.6 Y25.9)
Unskynwyb Old Sharlayan (X4.9 Y9.3)
Unsynrael Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X6.0 Y12.3)
Village Merchant Yanxia (X30.2 Y18.1)
Village Merchant & Mender The Ruby Sea (X5.9 Y11.4)
Ys Gyuf Il Mheg (X19.7 Y4.1)


There exist several merchants scattered across Eorzea and its surroundings who offer Grade 8 Dark Matter for sale, but only upon the completion of a related quest. These vendors are linked with Custom Deliveries, Tribal Quests, and Skysteel Tools.

Vendor Location Required Quest Quest type
Aenc Ose Il Mheg (X16.5 Y33.8) “That’s So Anden” Custom Deliveries
Anna The Firmament (X14.2 X12.6) “Oh Crafter, My Crafter” Custom Deliveries
(Ehll Tou)
R’dhyanki Labyrinthos (X20.0 Y20.0) “A Request of One’s Own” Custom Deliveries
Coiningway Mare Lamentorum (X17.4 Y15.8) “Way to Go I” Tribal
Ghanta Thavnair (X20.4 Y28.4) “Hasty Hasty Hippos I” Tribal
Mizutt Lakeland (X9.4 Y13.0) “Dwarven Crafts I” Tribal
N-0598 Ultima Thule (X27.7 Y24.7) “Voices of a Distant Server I” Tribal
Yuqurl Manl The Raktika Greatwood (X37.2 Y17.2) “With My Compliments I” Tribal
Spanner The Firmament (X9.8 Y14.6) “Oddness in the End” Skysteel Tools
Denys The Firmament (X8.0 Y10.0) “Mislaid Plans” Skysteel Tools


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