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  1. It is necessary to serve customers according to the positioning of the homestay itself and the corresponding customer group, as well as the good service level according to the homestay. The operator must have its own direction and persistence to meet the requirements you want to receive, use good ideas as the basic principles of business, and then operate with your heart.
    2, buildings that meet the local environment atmosphere, have characteristic and attractive buildings, coupled with beautiful natural landscapes, are definitely the basic conditions for charm homestays.
    3, high -quality homestay operators must understand how many people can accommodate the environment and space they have; in addition, they must know how many guests can serve to create higher satisfaction to create higher satisfaction. And quality.
    4, adhere to good characteristics and style, choose the right guests, can create the charm and value of the homestay itself.
    If Note:
    1. A good homestay operator must invest more care for the local area; we must fully understand the local resources in order to play the role of a good homestay operator.
    2, in addition to clearing the local cognition, we must also know the needs of people. Intimate services, comfortable space and beautiful environment will be the basic conditions for homestay operations. To enrich yourself, creating a better community is the direction that the homestay operator must work hard.
    Pucting information:
    For the quality of service quality today, the new industry standard also proposes "the exit mechanism for the assessment of tourism homestays, and the following situation will be canceled during the operation." These include: related violations of laws and regulations; responsibility accidents such as hygiene, safety, fire protection; major effective complaints; other incidents that have caused a bad social impact on the privacy of tourists; Star standard requirements. This requires multi -departmental joint law enforcement.
    Is how to achieve differentiated supervision and services for urban homestays and rural homestays. In the specific implementation process, it also needs to be continuously explored in various places. For the supervision of the homestay, the current management of the hotel industry should be referred to, and the actual situation must be considered at the same time.
    Reference information Source:
    people's network-how can the city's homestay be good and beautiful (economic focus)

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