4 thoughts on “How to sell the coffin?”

  1. If TV and washing machines are durable consumer products, then I think the coffin must be super durable consumer goods. It is different from durable consumer goods like TV and washing machines. When consumer, you can choose a brand, choose to choose from various shopping malls, and pick prices. First of all, we have to find a special product that can accept the coffin, so that we will not be scolded a dog blood sprinkler. So, we lock our target customers to engage in funeral service facades or units; how to allow these facades or units to accept our products and be willing to help us sell the coffin, then we need to give them rich profits. Mo, as long as you can give them rich profits, they will be willing to help you sell; when choosing these facades or units, you must be wide, instead of choosing a powerful dealer like other products. There is no fixed customer in this industry. Essence The more dealers, the better, the East is not bright and the west is bright, so as to increase sales. Finally, how to let them be willing to accept it when they help you sell? The function of the coffin is specific. Why should the terminal buy you? After the traditional Feng Shui of China pays attention to people, if it can be buried in a good feng shui treasure, it will be grandson. There is a story that sells comb to monks, and we can also add its added value to the coffin, such as making some feng shui treatment on the coffin, and this kind of coffin will also be grandson. Then the terminal is willing to buy.

  2. Modern social market marketing has lagged behind, especially the market sales of partial door products have become more difficult. The key relying on making soft advertising to enhance popularity or establish cooperation mechanisms with other companies in the funeral industry, sharing resources, and mutual benefit. For example, hospitals, etiquette companies are very important partners.

  3. Do the largest, or the smallest, and then report it to the media, who will do the most. Essence If you have attracted continuous attention, you have a good reputation, so you sell it.

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