4 thoughts on “Employment prospects of the IT industry? Chengdu area!”

  1. The employment prospects of the IT industry in Chengdu should be comparison. What are the low -end computers you refer to? If you will have a programming language, you can get more than 1,000 college degrees. If you only apply it simply, it is estimated that it is around 800.
    If you are interested in the development of IT, it is recommended to charge the training institution.
    The training market for Chengdu, I know some. Some time ago I accompanied my friends to look around, hoping to help you.

  2. If the economic conditions permit, continue to read. The employment situation is not good now, and the IT industry has high professional requirements. If you have the strength, you can put your own DEMO on the graduation certificate without considering your education. Under normal circumstances

  3. As far as I know, the difficulty of this line is not very scientific.

    I we also have a specialist here. Later, he went to Zhejiang to find a job before he found a job.

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