I want to do old clothes to recycle business. I don't know what the prospect is? Are you rich? Ask the seniors? Intersection

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  1. As of January 2020, the business prospects for recycling the old clothes were very good and we had money to make money.
    If old clothes recycling belong to the resource recovery industry. The business mainly includes three pieces of recycling, processing, and sales. The main profit point is the initial processing of old clothes and reuse of raw materials. Sales channels include renewable resource companies, textile manufacturers, export operators. Both are regular operations.
    Profenged clothes can be processed into primary products such as cloth strips, ground mop, and greenhouse insulation felt. Through regeneration, cotton, non -woven fabrics, chemical fiber, etc. The quality can be no different from new products, and it is widely used. Take the non -woven fabric, and after the "prohibited order", the demand for non -woven fabrics in China has doubled, and sales are not a problem.
    The old clothes per ton can be produced 0.99 tons of non -woven or 0.99 tons of color cotton yarn, which is equivalent to saving 1.1 tons of textile raw materials or 0.8 tons of cotton. There are tens of thousands of tons of waste clothing in each city that needs to be treated. If these clothes can become waste into treasure, then it can save resources and protect the environment.

    This expansion information:
    The waste textile regeneration is an international practice. It not only changes into waste into treasure, realizes the reuse of resources, but also reduces environmental pollution. In June 2014, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau and the Municipal Living Waste Classification Management Centers and other joint old clothing recycling and regeneration enterprise companies launched the "Delivery -Old Clothing Recycling" operation to set up old clothing recovery boxes in the city to achieve public welfare donations. Resource regeneration.
    The foreign "foreign garbage" of imported channels has special regulatory measures, and the supervision of old domestic clothes circulation markets is still lacking. In the current management regulations, only the "Old Cargo Circulation Management Measures (Trial)" issued by only in 1998. Although there are systematic regulations and punishment measures, there are still problems in the definition and refinement of some punishment.
    generally handed over to the old shops run by the donation center. These stores are public welfare. They are not for profit. They provide cheap items for the poor. Donation can also buy other old things they need by coupons. All products are tax -free.

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