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  1. Are you a man and a woman? The method of entering the performing arts circle is both the same and very different. Therefore, I do n’t know if you are a man or a woman, you ca n’t answer this question targeted. However, according to the question of asking such questions, the law of girls is mostly, and we judge that you are a girl more likely. Let's talk about the related issues briefly for your girl. Of course, if you are a man, then it ’s another matter. This answer can be used for girls 'practicality, only for boys' reference.

    The first define what is the first to enter the performing arts circle? To put it bluntly, the entertainment industry mainly refers to the circle of people engaged in actors, models and related jobs. Including those girls who are active around the performing arts circle and have not yet entered their core areas, in the eyes of outsiders, they actually belong Children, even if they entered the entertainment industry. And this is easier.

    What is the channel? It is also said that of course, it is a science class, graduated from related colleges and universities, and is the most convenient to engage in performing arts. But in fact, only about 30 % of the entire performing arts industry can be taken into the entertainment industry, which means that about 70 percent artists walk into the performing arts industry through other channels. Essence These channels include: drafts, auditions, friends, self -recommendation, switching, etc. Among them, the draft and audition account for about 20 %, and the remaining 50 % are various other channels. For example, friends are led by friends, Mao Sui recommends, from other artists and even stewardess, nurses, and waiters.

    The show of the draft when it comes to the draft, it is not a draft that we usually see on TV. There are too few types. For high costs and thresholds, most people cannot participate in it in it. go. In fact, the directors and agents in the entertainment industry, every day, every day is doing their own unique items that can also be called the daily work of the draft, that is, free audition to shoot the expansion samples accumulating female artists, and Select the people they like at any time. Some directors or agents in this work will also push him in private to help him to do it, which has spawned a group of volunteers who are keen to help the director or the agent to shoot the audition expansion.

    Is who are well -known artists who have become actors through this typical screening method. Because they generally do not publicize their experiences, it seems difficult for others to judge. Of course, the director photographers and others who do these filtering audition work are known, but they do not get the permission of the artist, and they will not disclose the information to the outside world. This channel is actually a mainstream channel for actors to play, so it must be said that most actors have walked through this channel.

    I was old and had retired. Before retiring, he was the executive editor in a central media in Beijing. Essence In the long -term contact with the performing arts circle, a lot of contact relationships are accumulated, including many directors, producers and agent friends. When on the job, he has been engaged in a volunteer activity to help these directors and agents who help these directors and agents who want to act as actors and models for free. After retirement I personally.

    It because those of those who are employers come to me from time to time to watch the movie, and each time you come, you only watch the recent one, so if you only shoot once or twice, it is very likely to be very likely They missed them, you can only insist on shooting the expansion in my audition here for a long time, and the probability they see is higher. So I ask girls to be enthusiastic people who love to take pictures or perform. If you work meals, you can continue to take pictures happily. Why not?

    So why don't they accumulate the information of the actor? Of course, it is not accumulated, but it is very rare. This is determined by the nature of the performing arts circle. Because there are often actresses who enter the crew from various channels, when they play a small role or the role close to the masses, they do not talk about the scene in advance. They were suddenly asked to play naked dramas on the set. , Suffer huge losses. Therefore, in accordance with the director's requirements, the domestic actresses must not refuse the domestic film allowed by the party's literary and artistic policy to include the largest -scale lens in the main theme film, and when he can master the preliminary selection of the entrance, he must hold this level when he can hold this level. The newcomer actress must not refuse the above shots that appear in public in public in public. And male actors often do not have these problems, so do not have to accumulate men. As for the model, there are very few units using male models, and the models are basically women. And if female models want to stand in the circle, they cannot refuse to make naked models. These also need to be confirmed during the audition. This is who I am, and why I only receive a girl, including the real reason why the girls, including the audition, are shooting large -scale in the field.

    Stitors are sent by directors, producers, and brokers. I can also find someone to shoot by themselves. Finally, they watched the film together to pick people. I have been doing this public welfare career for decades. Many well -known artists are self -audition activities. You searched on the Internet. Except for the vests of the scammers who have been smashed by the scammers, some of the vests who have been smashed by the scammers of business In addition to the attack and abuse, there is no artist who has really audited here to complain to me in my absence. I have even been ridiculed to the fireworks of the world, the sexual orientation is abnormal, the style is puzzled, and so on. It enjoys a high popularity in Beijing's performing arts industry.

    Therefore, girls come to me to participate in this free audition shooting activity for all girls in the world. In a sense, it is also a draft. Of course, the results of the draft are both models and actors. A comprehensive preliminary audition draft event, the actor model is uniformly audited, selected uniformly, does not distinguish, the audition requirements are the same, long -term audition is required to shoot expansion pieces, and it is continuously provided to the director's agent to choose from. It ’s not easy to predict in advance. Everyone do what activities do you have to do. Anyway, it’ s the same thing about the acting circle. Sometimes it ’s difficult to qualitatively run a dragon. Same. For example, when the audience, if it is filming, it is a mass actor. Wait.

    So the artists in the circle are the most ambiguous. Before the director is selected by the director, I will arrange some performing arts activities for you, which will be paid, allowing you to exercise, experience, see, accumulate experience, and prepare for future acting careers. However, because there are more monks and less porridge, most of them are just audition artists, and if you do n’t have the audition, it is equivalent to exiting yourself, not even the audition artist. Therefore, in a sense, as long as any girl enters me to participate in the audition shooting, it is equivalent to entering the performing arts circle! You are the audition female artist in the entertainment industry.

    I or not this channel is good or not, I am also kind. Girls who love taking pictures, even if they do n’t make money, like to express their girls in front of the camera. Girls who feel like they are not for money for the girl who loves them, and they will not be tired of it. They have followed me for a long time. No matter whether they are selected or not, they have no complaints; and those who are eager to make money are all for wealth, even if this is not the most in her own most. In order to make money easily, the girl who is hard -headed, or the utilitarian is too strong. The girl who is indispensable to be an actor model may be hesitant from the beginning. Persevere.

    . The other is your age. If you are still a minor girl, no one dares to choose you to participate in film and television shooting or ask you to make a model, unless your parents can bring you or give consent to you You participated in the film and television shooting and models without any types of models that refused to shoot and refused models, otherwise you can only wait until the age of 18 and over.

    I years old, I have been engaged in this occupation for decades, and many well -known artists have their own audition activities. So far I have no intention of attacking attentions, and there is no complaint that I really appear as an audition artist in me. This is where I am proud of it. In addition, I don't need to confirm myself. If it wasn't because I was older, I would not be able to go to the streets, and I wouldn't come to the Internet to say this. Now I seem to be promoting myself. In fact, I do n’t need money, I do n’t need money, I am seriously ill, nor can I have hidden rules. I do something good as an elderly volunteer.

    Is about how to participate in the free audition activity in the circle as an actor, please search for other similar answers here. You can also visit the Beijing large free audition bar in Baidu Tieba to view my post, which contains my details. Since the article is too long, it is not detailed here. After reading, you can communicate with posts there. I do n’t have QQ, I do n’t have WeChat. If there is any inconvenience, I apologize!

    It, let's talk about it. Now this is wrong with Baidu. If you adopt it, you will not answer the input box, you can’t answer Don't adopt it first, wait for the end to be completely adopted. I would like to inform you. Fortunately, I have told you to check the post. If you accidentally click it, go there to see it.

  2. [Want to be an actor must watch] First of all, remember that all the exceptions to recruit actors in the name of the company are fake. When many people find a job, they will subconsciously recruit the website to submit their resumes, hoping that a regular company will favor themselves and get work through interviews. Sorry to tell you that 100%of these actors recruiting are scams. They often set their conditions very low, and they can generally do their appearance. They can also do it at 1.5 meters tall. They can do it if they are not good. Essence After you go, the original form is revealed, you ask you to pay the information, packaging fees, or a performance training course for tuition fees, hanging sheep's head to sell dog meat. Those who have been paid for thousands or even thousands of yuan, and they could not arrange a job in the end. Or he was sent to the group and shot fast, and even the crew's door was not touched. This kind of news on the Internet is overwhelming, and the actors who have been drifting and horizontal drifting have long been weird. So don't believe the company's recruitment of actors for advertising anyway. Formal companies and crews will not check newcomers on the recruitment website, nor will they specifically interview them one by one, nor will you ask you to pay money or participate in training. They generally select actors through three channels: art schools, actors' notice platforms, and actor agents. So if you are a student of art school, you can contact the performing arts circle through the connections in the school during the school. This is the most convenient and reliable approach. If you are a newcomer to enter the performing arts circle, there are two ways. The first is to pay attention to the announcement platform and connect the actors' notice through the platform. However, the threshold for release of many platforms is very low, true and false, and there are many unsafe factors, especially girls should identify authenticity by themselves. The second is to find an entertainment agent or other people in the industry. A broker often has dozens or even hundreds of actors in his hands, allowing the crew to find a suitable candidate. If you do n’t have a strong professional background, you can only focus on group performances, prospects, groups, heel groups and specials, which are commonly known as running dragons. By the way, the friends who want to be an actor can pay attention to the public account of the "entertainment circle", which contains the channels for actors to hand in the data, which can provide opportunities for the development of the bank with excellent conditions. In fact, there is also the third method, that is, the hotels often go to the major crews in Beijing to knock on the door, and run the group to hand in the group. But if there is no experience in filming, the resume is a piece of white paper, which is difficult to be hired. You need to have superb communication skills and persuasive ability, and give yourself a chance to audition, which is equivalent to a experience in yourself.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, thank you for your patience. I will answer it for you: ordinary people want to enter the entertainment industry. There are the following methods: 1. Run the dragon set, do group performances 2, accumulate works to perform resumes for performing arts companies 3. Participate in the entertainment test. The stars entered the art college through the art test, and then went directly to the performing arts circle after graduation. 4. Entering the Star of a regular brokerage company to get more performance opportunities in the circle, generally sign a strong agency company. In the same way, ordinary people want to enter the entertainment industry, and they can also obtain performance opportunities by signing a brokerage company to get stalls entering the entertainment industry.

  4. If you have the strength, you can say that you can sing loudly at the door of a well -known entertainment company. If the appearance is outstanding, walk around at that door and persist for a month. Someone will find your diamond, and then someone will ask you if you are If you are willing to be an actor, you say you are willing, and then enter the circle.

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