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  1. The starting point of the spread of public relations is the organization, which represents individuals or institutions that represent the organization of communication functions. From the perspective of the internal structure of the tissue, general organizations (more obvious profit organizations) can be divided into three levels: decision -making layers, management and execution layers. The decision -making level is an organization of the organization, which is generally composed of decision -making figures within the organization, such as chairman, general manager, deputy general manager. It is responsible for determining the organization's goals, programs and implementation plans for macro control. Management is the subordinate agencies of decision -making, including production management departments, planning management departments, materials, sales management departments, etc. Its responsibilities are to implement the policy and policies formulated by the decision -making level to the work of various functional departments, and organize, manage and coordinate daily work. Under the coordination of the leadership and management of the decision -making level, the execution level translates the organization goals into specific actions through various technical means. These three layers are independent and connected with each other to maintain the
    of the organization itself.
    Here, the task of organizing communication is multiple: First of all, he must pass the internal information inside the organization to the public communication medium and meet the media to pass to the target public. The media take the initiative to understand and collect information about the organization (represented by CAC this process) and convey it to the target public; in addition, he also needs to make information connection between the organization members to act as a binder for organizational relations. It is also necessary to organize face -to -face contact with the target public to obtain direct information feedback for the organization. It can be seen that as a
    The staff of the organization, public relations have only a good appearance and good communication skills. He must have the corresponding quality with the public relations occupation: reasonable knowledge structure, good psychological quality, strong work ability and necessary work skills.
    The position of public relations communication persons in the organization
    as a description. In some related academic episodes, the author often places public relations, that is, public relations departments or similar departments in management, and paid parallel to the production management department. This may have its truth. However, the author believes that the status of public relations communicators is relatively special. It is the assistant of the decision -making layer, the coordinator of the management department, and the information communicator between the upper, middle, and lower levels; it is at the decision -making layer level Under the direct leadership, it is difficult to say which level belongs to. Therefore, in public models, we give it a special position.
    In the second link of the public relations spread chain -in the media, that is, the "doorkeeper" proposed by the American society
    The concept has now been generally recognized by the American public communication scholars. Scholars believe that the mass communication media plays a filtering role in the process of passing information to the public. For the news, the news agency decided to release only one percent of the important news that had occurred, and the news that readers finally saw from the newspaper only accounted for only one percent and two news released by the news agency. The reporter and editor in charge of this filtering work is the gatekeeper of the mass communication media. The information sent by the propagators of public relations can only flow to the public through the media through the goalkeeper. This will be a test for public relations.
    The next link of the spread of public relations is the public. The public is divided into non -target public and target public. The former refers to the widely distributed, uncertain, and uncertain public facing the public to the public, and the latter refers to a group with a specific connection with the organization. The purpose of public relations dissemination is to make the information sent by the organization accurately conveyed to the target public through the media, and to obtain information feedback through direct and indirect channels to further adjust its own communication behavior.
    Printer communication not only uses the media to communicate medium, but also uses some means of interpersonal communication. Therefore, the public relations communication model also includes interpersonal communication.
    The interpersonal communication in public relations is mainly manifested in two aspects. The first is to organize interpersonal exchanges within the organization, such as internal employee conferences, work reporting meetings, work experience exchanges, and so on. The second is the face -to -face contact between public relations personnel and target public. Its forms are also diverse, such as receiving visits, holding exhibitions, convening consumers to open seminars, and so on.
    It we are following the two main parts in the public relations model -trying to attract the media to make the public communication media take the initiative to understand and collect information related to the organization and the internal information inside the organization transmitted to the operating process of the mass communication media Essence
    Manning to attract the media to make the mass communication media take the initiative to understand and collect information about the organization and the internal information transmission of information to the mass communication media. The difference is that the former refers to the media's attention through the manufacturing and discovery of the news value, which attracted the attention of the media and prompted it to actively publicize the
    ; the latter refers to The information of the information is spread through it, or the time and space of spending money to buy news media to promote the form of publicity for their products and services.
    Manning to attract the media to make the public communication media take the initiative to understand and collect the information process of relevant organizations is a propaganda method that does not need to pay. Effect. For example, in the early 1960s, the quality and performance of the precision table were superior. Although the company with the production of precision tables spent a large advertising fee, it was difficult to enter the international market. In the fierce market competition, the company used the company to attract public opinion. Measures, successful. They sent planes to invest in many stainless watches in Australia. Under the sun, people were stunned by the sudden golden light in the sky. When they picked up a piece of stainless watches that were still intact after falling from high altitude, they were all impressed. The press reported on this, and the precision watch opened its sales since then, and precision products have also become the goal of people's pursuit.
    The advantages of this form of communication are:
    The first, which can not only spend a text, but also achieve the purpose of expanding
    The purpose of improving the popularity of the organization.
    Secondly, the carefully planned news events have high news value, which can easily attract the attention of reporters and get them cooperation.
    Third, most of these incidents have dramatic colors. Strange and interesting are more likely to attract the public than ordinary commercial advertisements.
    In internal information transmission to the mass communication media process is the most commonly used raw material form for the organization. It includes two parts: communicator provides news releases to the media and used media to advertise.
    This press release is a necessary means to impact the public by public relations by public relations personnel, use this form to promote the public, ask public relations personnel to understand the nature and characteristics of the news media, familiarize with the theme of news reports, master news writing skills In order to provide the media with the manuscript with news value, the principles of journalism, and compliance with news dissemination
    , the rules
    . Similar to the promotion of "attracting the media", this propaganda does not need to pay. The difference is that the press release provided by the public relations personnel cannot be issued directly, but the "gatekeeper" of the media is selected and not selected and or not. Two possibilities are selected.
    Pu advertising. It is also the most common form of organization (especially profitable organizations) to use mass media. This is a way to pay for payment. There are two propaganda in this way, one is the products or product advertisements commonly common in newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, such as various types of household appliances advertisements, cosmetics advertisements, and gold and silver jewelry advertisements. Many of the products we know, such as Haier, Jiaxue and other brands, are famous through this form. The purpose of publishing commercial advertisements is to promote
    products and services of enterprises
    , which attracts people's attention and interest, enables them to buy desires and behaviors, and promote product sales growth.
    The other type of non -commodity advertisement mainly refers to the introduction of the production, products, business management, leadership and employees that appear in the form of advertising in the form of advertising, including program wishes, show sponsorship, opening of the opening, opening industry And celebration news and so on. Our common advertisements for "XXX to New Year to the People in the Country" belong to this category. Unlike commercial advertising, the focus of such advertisements is not to sell products, but to communicate with the public, establish a good organizational image, and increase its popularity.
    The advantages of these two types of advertising propaganda are:
    First, using this communication method, the organization has more autonomy, you can determine the form of the advertisement and
    n, the time and space of selecting the medium do not need to be left or right from the outside world.
    Secondly, the organization can have enough time to prepare an advertising plan to determine the propaganda plan. On the basis of comparison, the cost, the media, etc.
    Raise the battle.
    Third, because the organization spent money to buy the channel or layout of the news media, it can repeatedly play or publish it, and lasts for a period of time, which is conducive to highlighting the characteristics of the product and deepening people's impression.
    All in all, trying to attract the media to make the public communication media take the initiative to understand and collect information about the organization and internal information of the organization. Each is also profitable. In actual work, public relations personnel can choose and use according to the specific situation facing the organization.

  2. The way of spreading public relations also means that its channel issues are mainly divided into mass media and interpersonal media. Of course, some books also add a method, but many times as long as these two methods can be used. Volkswagen Media mainly relies on more professional people to pass information to many people. For example, when we watch TV or newspapers, we can see a lot of advertisements in this way. Of course, interpersonal communication is what we are doing. It is the communication between us and people. Of course, Volkswagen Media is relatively important.
    It look at what others say.

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