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  1. Waterproof is a very important project. Whether it is a large building or a family decoration, it will not be waterproof. If the waterproof is not done well, the phenomenon of water seepage or leakage will occur. There are a lot of trouble, so the quality of waterproof must be guaranteed. The most important thing for waterproofing is the choice of materials. At present, the brands and types of waterproof materials are very large, and the price and performance are different. If you do n’t understand it, you ca n’t choose.

    Mei Tu Shi
    Guangdong Meidus Building Materials Co., Ltd., specializing in the production and sales of wall protection and decoration products such as wall coatings, waterproof coatings, wallpaper and other wall Large -scale modern enterprises, which have two major production bases in Shunde, Guangdong and Chongzhou, Sichuan. Chongzhou Meitashaye Industrial Park adopts international advanced automated and fully closed production lines. It is one of the largest coating production bases in my country. In recent years, the Michard Waterproof Coating Series products have shown a rapid growth momentum in the market sales process with their abundant and high quality advantages.
    Hongyuan Company is a national reputation company specializing in the production of various waterproof materials and asphalt tiles. Hongyuan's asphalt tiles absorb the style and characteristics of classical European tiles, combined with multi -style architectural style. Due to the characteristics of asphalt tiles and convenient construction, it has now become the main substitutes for pottery tiles, cement tiles, and color steel tiles.
    sered the characteristics of CR85 elastic waterproof treasure: -The highly elastic high-strong and tough waterproof coating-mixing and construction simple Construction-firmly bonding with the grassroots can form an overall seamless and stable elastic waterproof coating CR85 elastic waterproof treasure: dual-group polymer modified cement waterproof coating (type I). Suitable for housing, commercial buildings, grain, shopping malls, gymnasiums, museums, factories, stations and other types of concrete, lightweight walls and masonry structures.

    Ezhou Meihui Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd. Company professional agent Meihui waterproof and Amway waterproof materials. The company sells building waterproof materials, SBS, APP, waterproof coils, 911 polyurethane, polyethylene proparth, JS cement base, propane picnicine, waterproof ointment, chlorite asphalt, various waterproofing agents.
    Degao (Guangzhou) Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Degao China), founded in 1998, is a wholly -owned enterprise established by French Parex Group in China in China Essence After more than ten years of development, Germany China has become one of the leaders of the Chinese special dry mortar industry. The trust of users has become a leading product in the Chinese market.
    Yuhong's full name is Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1998 and has been committed to the exploration and research of waterproof problems. His unique operating model has become my country's first listed company in China's waterproof industry.
    The Yuwang Waterproof Building Materials Group has continuously pioneered and innovated since its establishment. With its unique regional advantages and high -quality petroleum resources, it is a new type of waterproof industry in China. Yu Wang's waterproof coatings have a variety of colors and high quality, and have a good reputation in the industry.

    Ke Shun's name is Guangdong Keshun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., specializing in the research and manufacturing of building waterproof materials. One of the largest waterproof materials professional manufacturers.
    Zhuo Bao
    Zhuo Bao's full name is Shenzhen Zhuobao Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to waterproof projects, there are also good results involving other fields. He has a high position in the industry.
    Xika headquarters in Suzhou Industrial Park has its own unique technology and sales model, involving the research and development and production of many building materials. Its waterproof coatings are very high -quality and excellent effect. Love and trust.

    These brands are all brands with good reputation. What are the excellent waterproof brands? After all, the product is highly recognized by the market. Waterproof materials are also distinguished according to different functions. For example, waterproof waterproof inner and outer walls is different, and waterproof materials for bathrooms are also different, so be sure to carefully understand the selection. There are many good products, but whether you can choose the right product depends on your own understanding.

  2. Which brand is good for home decoration waterproof materials? In fact, the choice of waterproof material is to choose according to where your home is used. For unused places, corresponding waterproof coatings are the best.
    It recommended to choose Koshun family waterproof. As far as I know, the waterproof materials for the waterproof of the house for the waterproofing of the house now have corresponding waterproof materials, such as floor wall floor, bathroom, kitchen, roof, etc., so that waterproof waterproof Better results!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer waterproof coatings are divided into: JS waterproof, acrylic waterproof, steel waterproof, flexible waterproof, etc.! Each has its own good. It depends on the waterproofing of your family in the family. For example, Yuexiu K11 waterproof coatings are high -efficiency waterproof materials designed for home kitchen and bathroom decoration. The slurry is a high -quality powder and acrylic emulsion. After stirring, apply it to the bottom material, form a vines cryptocrystalline that cannot be penetrated with water, so as to achieve excellent waterproof effect.nDear, I wish you a happy life!

  4. The waterproof coatings for home decoration are really hard to say which is really good, but it depends on your needs. You need to have high -end atmosphere and environmental protection, but the price is definitely high. If you need economic affordable, there are.
    1. Selecting a brand can refer to the top ten waterproof brands. Yuhong, Degao, Zhuo Bao, Matste, Mest, Rypo, Han Gao, Kushun, Xika, these are waterproof waterproof, these are all waterproof waterproofing The brands that are made in the industry are well -made. The main use of home improvement is virtue, Leibangshi, and Mest, and the others are mainly engineering coils.
    2, home improvement waterproof coating brands are generally more in Guangdong. The main ones are mainly used for home improvement waterproof coatings. It is one of the top ten brands.

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