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  1. [Click to receive a limited time free learning card] Now learning anime design is a good time. Employment prospects for animation design:
    Many people choose to learn design in three minutes. It is best to do a small test before learning. It is an emerging industry in my country and scarce talents. The talents who graduate every year cannot meet the huge talent gap in the film and television animation market. According to statistics, China's animation industry talents are less than 8,000, and the total number of cartoons has been less than 20,000 minutes. The person in charge of some games and animation production units said that the relevant personnel of the recruitment of animation design do not consider the candidate's academic qualifications, as long as they can immediately go to the machine to make works, they will be welcomed. It can be seen that the gap between the animation design talent is very huge. The key is whether the candidate can come up with a qualified animation design work.
    The salary status of anime design related practitioners, monthly salary grows with technology growth. In the animation design industry, the monthly salary is generally gradually rising from more than 10,000 yuan. When the technology is skilled, in addition to the fixed monthly salary, 3D animation and animation design projects are generally promoted, and there are additional rewards at the end of the year.
    Coloning the training institution as soon as possible, Tianhu Education is a professional design training institution. The graphic design class opened by Tianhu Education, combined with training, played the three major software of graphic design, allows students to learn more interesting, master the mastery, master the mastery It is also stronger. [Click to learn more about Tianhu]

  2. Very good
    The country's animation industry is developing well, and the animation industry is a rising industry. Graduates of animation design can engage in related positions in industries such as the advertising industry, television, film, film, film and television packaging, games, and animation companies in the future. Students of animation design can engage in posts: animators, graphic designers, artworks, Taobao art workers, UI designers, post -production, three -dimensional animators, iOS development engineers, and so on.
    This positions are the targets of animation professional education. The talents trained by the animation majors must be close to these positions in order to enable the anime graduates to get better employment opportunities. If these talent training fails to keep up with the speed of technological progress, the gap in such talent needs will be generated.
    Pucting information:
    In in terms of talent needs, the ratio of practitioners in the animation industry chain and the talent demand of the front -end talent affects the employment opportunities of anime graduates. The talent demand gap in the animation employment market is nearly 400,000. These include a large number of related practitioners downstream of the animation industry chain, and the talent demand for talents directly engaged in the front end of the animation industry chain is about 100,000. Most of the graduates trained by animation majors are talents who are engaged in animation production. The real employment calibers of the anime graduates are only about 100,000. Therefore, the single nature of anime talent structure has become an important factor affecting the employment of anime graduates.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenI have seen your question. Now I am sorting out the answer and answer you later.nAcademic anime design is still easy to find jobs. The anime design and employment are broad, as follows: 1. Advertising companies, film and television post -company companies, various manufacturing industries, service industries, etc. engage in film and television special effects. 2. All kinds of public institutions such as the studio and TV drama production centers are engaged in special effects of film and film editing. Many people choose to learn design in three minutes. It is best to do a small test before learning. Work. 4. Game companies, second -time game studios, etc. If you understand the two -way film and television animation professionals who are well -planted and have skilled production technology, you can even get 300,000 yuan. From the situation of salary, the 3D animation and the highest income of the film and television animation industry is concentrated in the coastal areas such as Shenzhen and Shanghai. The monthly salary of 3D animation creators is 10,000 yuan, and the monthly salary of purely engaged in technical work is at least 3,000 yuan. Most of the salary of producers in the film and television industry is paid by thewareness. A skilled animation producer has an average monthly salary of about 45,000 yuan, and the height can reach 20,000 yuan. As long as the ability of the ability to achieve film and television animation is not only a dream. The anime design to Tianhu Education, Tianhu Education has many years of training experience. It adopts the "Design Director Team Professor Course Expert Enterprise Commissioner" model. Based on enterprise needs as the starting point, independent research and development courses allow students to have a variety of choices.nHope can help youn1 morenBleak

  4. To be honest, the threshold for learning animation is still relatively high (that is, drawing). If you want to learn, you suggest you go to learn games related to the animation. It is better to do the gaming industry, but there are many types of the game industry, depending on that you like that. There are art, planning, procedures. It is not recommended that the program should be a high procedure threshold, the planning is not good in the early stage, and you do n’t have good ideas and inspirations. It is recommended that you do art. The art in this game depends on you to learn that aspect. For example; one of my friends was okay at home last year, and he was mixed every day. His parents asked him to learn animation, but he was not interested in this, and then saw this, and he was not interested in this, and then saw this, and he was not interested in this. The game that is learned in this area seems to be a game model, that is, the characters in the game, the scene is the people in the game and the house in the house. I learned in a small training institution (it can't be said that it is too small to listen to him very much that many people are mainly company training only a small part of the work). The game company goes to work more than 8,000 a month; in fact, you want to learn what you want to learn. If you don't like to be studying! Intersection

  5. Academic anime design is a good choice, with broad employment prospects. It is recommended that Perfect World, Perfect World has its own talent training base, and graduation can enter the perfect world, so entering the perfect world is a good choice. [You can go to their official website to see/ Perfect World's own talent training base]

    The anime industry is known as the rising industry with development potential. Many cities have established anime industry base. The demand is becoming more and more vigorous. Learning anime and production is smaller. It is conducive to employment in the future. When you go to, you can make your own contribution to the development of the country's animation. When studying animation and production majors, we must pay attention to the most needed talents of art and technology in animation companies. For example, game designers, game designers not only need program knowledge, development knowledge, but also have expression and painting ability. Therefore, we should move closer to the market for talents on the market under the premise of studying the basic knowledge and basic skills of the animation design and production, which allows us to employment as soon as possible.

    wants to learn more about the relevant information about the animation design, and recommend consulting the perfect world education. [You can go to their official website to see/ Perfect World's own talent training base] Perfect World Education Base, with 5,000 square meters of teaching parks, providing comprehensive support for creative talents, project incubation, funds, and office venues. High -quality educational resources in the fields of Perfect World Holdings Group Games, Film and Television, combined with the perfect world internal training system, with digital professional construction as the core, and establish a full channel for talent training from enrollment, teaching to employment, so that students can learn nothing. [You can go to their official website to see/ Perfect World's own talent training base]

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