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  1. Commercial bank loan business rules: Loan issuance procedure rules:

    1. Application and approval of loans.

    2. Evaluate the credit level of the borrower.

    3. Loan survey.

    4. Risk evaluation and loan approval.

    5. Sign a loan contract.

    6. Loan issuance. A single amount of loan funds with a single amount of 5%or more than 5 million yuan in a single amount of a single amount shall be paid, and the derived payment method of the lender shall be adopted.

    7. Check inspection after loan.

    8. Return to loan. The lender shall send the borrower to the borrower before the short -term loan expires and the medium- and long -term loan expires 1 month before the expiration of the medium- and long -term loans.

    The loan period rules:

    1. Settings of the loan period. Self -operated loan periods generally do not exceed 10 years, and those who exceed 10 years shall be reported to the People's Bank of China for record. The maximum of not more than 6 months for billing is not more than 6 months.

    2. Loan exhibition period: The period of short -term loan exhibition period shall not exceed the original loan period; the cumulative period of the interim loan exhibition period shall not exceed half of the original loan period, and the period of long -term loan exhibition period shall not exceed 3 years. Loan interest rate rules:

    1. Determination of loan interest rates. The lender shall determine the interest rate per loan in accordance with the upper and lower limits of the loan interest rate set by the People's Bank of China, and stated in the loan contract.

    2. Calculation of loan interest. The interest check and eclipse of the RMB loans (excluding personal housing loans) shall be determined by both borrowing and loan. The long -term loan interest rate in the RMB is determined by the borrowing and loan parties according to market principles. It can be adjusted on a monthly, quarterly, and year -on -year adjustment during the contract period, and a fixed interest rate can be determined; The interest rate of more than 5 years announced by the People's Bank of China is determined by the loan interest rate.

    3. Discipline of loans. According to national policies, in order to promote the development of certain industries and regional economies, relevant departments can interest on loan subsidies. For the discounted loans of relevant departments, the banks shall independently review and issue it, and strictly manage them in accordance with relevant regulations.

    4. Discounts, interest rate reductions, interest rates and interest -free: No one except the State Council decides, any unit or individual has no right to determine the loan suspension, interest rate reduction, interest rate interest, and interest -free.

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