5 thoughts on “How to query the group number of the member number”

  1. Taking Tianjin Unicom's smart and Wojia package as an example, you can check the package membership number through Unicom mobile phone business hall. The specific inquiries are as follows:
    1, enter the mobile phone number and password, and SMS verification code.
    2. In the service-query-wisdom-Wo family member interface query, you can see the package member number.
    This reminder: The specific path is based on the page display, and due to the different provincial tariff policies, the specific local is based on the local.

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  3. The number of adults should be directed. Check the number of their number group in the business hall. You and I.

  4. Now the mobile phone number is authenticated by real -name. I bring my ID card to the official business hall, and I can query all Unicom, mobile or telecommunications mobile phone numbers, and family numbers under my ID card.

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