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  1. Trading and selling car accessories on Cool Matching Network. Cool Matching Network is a professional car accessory, and car supplies online transaction business B2B2C platform.
    The advantages of cool matching net seller:
    1. Expanding operating radiation range
    In the inherent characteristics of the Internet, and the strong brand appeal of Kujiao.com, so that your products are not limited by geographical areas to sell out sales At home and abroad, 24 hours will never end.

    2. Save corporate operating costs
    The reduction of sales outlets, lowering product inventory, reducing the intermediate links of business, and greatly saving corporate operating costs.
    3, shorten the payment period of the payment
    The reduction of distribution outlets, reducing the stagnation of funds, and a complete one -stop checkout through the latest transaction model of "Cool Dating Network" without any capital risk.
    4, brand image promotion and improvement
    The online trading platform for professional automobile accessories and supplies industry, let your products always display in the hands of all potential customers, and quickly get brand improvement.
    5, avoid excess product, cause losses
    The real data, rationality, and planned production through market demand, so that the product will never provide too much, avoid losses caused by blind production.
    cooling network:
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  2. If it is an industry user, as an accessory dealer, I have a comprehensive inquiry of the needs of the next channel dealers and repair shops. If the contact information needs to be comprehensively speaking, I think Angmei data is easier to use.
    Why do you think it is easy to use instead of pushing? Because there are too many query software for auto parts, I am using it myself to run street order, auto repair treasure, Zhizhi, Zero, and Angmei data. difference.
    I priority to push Angmei data is mainly because: query free! right! Just query free! All query methods from frame number, EPC, number query, etc. are free! Isn't it fragrant for free and comprehensive query!
    It is Angmei's data. It is very integrated. It feels like integrating auto repair treasure, smart distribution, and good auto parts, and many places are more professional, from query, trading to brand directory system, one for one It should be all and open up. It is really fragrant for the accessories of my entire brand of the brand.
    Although there are too many query software now, the biggest and best use is Angmei data! push!

  3. This type of software website is also mixed on the market now. It is not easy to distinguish
    . I do auto parts. There is no software for sale. It will not be better to get better in a few years
    The suppliers in the data include friends, Liyang, Angmei Data, etc.
    This in the industry include auto repair treasure, cattle vapor, car shopkeeper, Jing Jing, Jing Jing, Jing Jing, Jing Jing, Jing Jing, Jing Jing, Jing Jing, Jingjing龙微店等rn汽配软件的数据这块,分为三个层次rn⑴输入车架号(也就是专业术语Vin号),能输出有关车型的个性信息(年、手自动、 Interior color, ...), this is the aspect of fine friends, Liyang, and doing the main profit at the same time
    ⑵ Enter the car frame number, can output related accessories, but cannot lock the unique accessories
    ⑶ Enter the car input car The shelf number can lock the unique accessories and give users a more accurate answer to users (regardless of the experience value)
    The third level (data and software applications) in the industry; I personally contact the industry There are more than 40 inner size software. At present, Angmei software is the most professional; I am not the company's support. I do public software, so I rely on the software to make me have a good downstream accessory wholesaler in 16 years. Beauty software is relatively easy to use, mainly reflected in their data software value: 1. VIN code/frame number information; 2. accessories decomposition diagram; 3. parts details. These three information must be correct.

  4. I recommend a professional auto parts software, covering the world, it is a real -time chat tool, which can chat with auto parts with auto parts and buyers online. It can also release supply information, clear inventory and investment information, and so on.

  5. The current auto parts platform has more selectivity, each with its own majors and functions. The transactions are Baturu and so on, providing inquiries with Angmei data. There are both advertising promotion and drainage functions, as well as accessories with accessories to display trading functions.

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