1 thought on “WeChat operation plan in the insurance industry”

  1. WeChat active users have 1 billion, large traffic, the average frequency of more than 5 minutes per person per day is 7 times. The applet has about 25,000 companies or businesses daily. 200 million, with the continuous improvement and maturity of the function, the applet has been widely used in the insurance industry.
    Relyingly relying on WeChat ecological rich data, social and payment capabilities, the applet will deeply cultivate the insurance industry for the convenient advantage of "run away", run through the six major operating links, and help insurance companies to develop the marketing ecology of product harmony. At the same time, the Tencent platform has a large amount of social big data and a rich traffic scenario matrix to help insurance companies accurately identify the interest and preferences of potential consumers, the scenes they are located, and insured needs, so as to reach target users and conduct targeted communication. Promote the transformation of insurance policies.
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